Prevention Magazine Says Defy Your Age, TGATP Sez Date Very Young Men!

Prevention Beauty Editor Katie Becker (l) and Sonia Kashuk (rt)

Head-to-toe pampering was the order of the evening at the Prevention Magazine Defy Your Age event!  Held at the luxurious midtown Ric Pipino owned salon, Pipino 57 (115 East 57th St. b/t Park and Lexington), we were treated to spray tans from Suvara, makeup consultations from the always lovely Sonia Kashuk and hair blowouts from Ric’s amazing staff.  (The only downside to a fabtastic evening was the first girl, who was supposed to do my hair.  She was a bit off and refused to wet my hair first even after doing so for my fellow scribe!  Much preferred her assistant, who even offered to cut and fortunately a hunky French guy saved the day!).  We also had manicures from the nail diva, Tracylee, and brow shaping from the absolutely incredible Maria of Damone Roberts.  I was particularly happy to get a good brow shape, which can be hit or miss at events.  Mine were recently butchered at a party.  The right one was left much thinner than the left and both brows were plucked too sparse.  It took two months to grow them back in, so I was very happy that Maria worked her magic.  My brows have NEVER looked better!


Prevention asked TGATP how best to defy age and I have one simple piece of advice.  Once you hit 40, date men fifteen years younger!  Their vim and vigor will keep you younger.  I have one girlfriend, who on her 61st birthday treated herself to a 24-year old!  It didn’t last and she is now dating a man who is older than she is (which I don’t get).  But hey, it was one helluva birthday present!  Most young men are still under the delusion that their penises rule the world.  They troll through Life thinking that all the women they encounter are just mesmerized with their wands.  He thinks that multiple women have dated him and even married him all because they just loved  it.  Everything in their Lives is simply an extension of their appendage — their homes, cars, bank accounts — all manifestations of it.  But once a man hits 40, he reflects on his Life and realizes that he has been duped all along; that it is actually vajayjay that reigns.  He has unwittingly spent the last 25 years under its spell, blindly in pursuit of it.  This can often manifest as a bitterness and sense of being duped that young men don’t have.  Now I am not saying this is ALWAYS the case, as I have dated some cool guys my age that have rocked my universe.  But for the most part, I prefer them in the age range of 25 to 38, before their vajayjay awakening!  So get out there and find that young guy! And, check out this month’s Prevention Magazine for the beauty picks from the Editors and the readers that will also help you “defy your age”.


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