Molly Sims on her new Jewelry Line, Healthy Living, Dating Younger Men, and What is Sexy!

Molly Sims launched her new line, with a breakfast at the Bryant Park Hotel. is a website that will carry her TGATP must-have new line of jewelry.  The Grayce by Molly Sims jewelry brand was conceived and designed in partnership with Stefani Greenfield’s My Next Act and Desiree Gruber’s Full Picture as part of their collaboration aimed to create and manage brands that fuse the world of fashion and entertainment.

What is it with the name “Molly”?  All the stars I have met with that name have been attractive, fun, and smart!  Like Ms. Ringwald before her, Molly Sims was a complete Joy to meet.  Beautiful, but not annoyingly aware of it, she had a comfortableness in her skin that just made you want to make her your BFF! TGATP got to chat with Molly about her new jewelry line and pick her amazing brain about her ultimate fashion picks for this summer, the recipe for her health drink, and going the cougar route!

TGATP: What jewelry designer of period most influenced your line?

MS: Deco.  The Deco Era.  Glamour, glamour glamour.  You know, they were glamorous even when they were waking up in the morning!  And that is definitely something that I wish I had more of!  But that glamour era of being elegant and being funky at the same time.  I  sometimes even design my whole outfit around jewelry!  I also love gold tone and will be working with mixed metals for the fall.

TGATP:  Tell me about PSI, the charity that you work with.

MS: PSI is a public service organization.  For example, what we are doing in Africa right now is dealing with malaria.  We go in and give out nets and we work with behavioral changes to get them to use them.  We are in Haiti where we opened a youth center.  We go into needy countries and we find out what they need and we get it to them.

TGATP: How wonderful.  Do you deal with water, like Charity Water?

MS: Everything.  We give water, malaria nets, rehydration salts, planned parenthood, everything.

TGATP:  Your best beauty advice for young girls?  I heard you speak a little bit about Heidi Montag and I am just very concerned with what is going on with young girls now.

MS: I think these girls need to have proper parents, proper mentors.  And I think they need to stop going out so much.  They need to have discipline.  They need structure and good role models and to feel good about themselves.  I feel that a lot of times, kids just don’t feel good about themselves.  The whole Heidi situation is heartbreaking and sad.

TGATP: To what do you attribute your longevity as a model?

MS:  Sheer sticking around at this point.  I hung on.

TGATP: What advice do you have for young models or what traps did you avoid?

MS: I always looked at it as a business.  You know, I didn’t try to think that I was something that I was not.  You know that classic beauty or whatever you wanna call it.  Catalogue girl or whatever.  I didn’t try to go against the grain.  I tried to go with the grain and make my own grain within it.  It’s finding your niche and knowing what you are good at and doing that.  I always knew that you know modeling I was a little bored with.  I felt like I liked to act and walk and I felt I was a little constrained and so that’s what I love about acting.  Love it.

TGATP: What’s sexy to you?

MS: Confidence is the sexiest thing about a human to me!  I could see someone coming in ‘ere and weighing 365 lbs and if they have confidence it is sexy!  It’s all about confidence even with men.  You know, good ole’ sexy man with confidence, love it!  He can be bald doesn’t matter.  He’s got confidence.  Not that I’m really into bald men, (laughs) but you know what I mean.  And I really like someone who can make me laugh.

TGATP:  Cougar or no?

MS: (laughs) No Girl!  Done that!  Been there, done that!

TGATP: Nah, I like ‘em young!

MS: (laughs) Ain’t ever going back!  Ain’t ever going back there!  That was a bad moment!

TGATP:  Gimme 24 as a start.  (laughs)

MS: Really?  Girl no! (laughs and shakes head)

TGATP:  What are your top fashion picks for this summer?

MS: The boyfriend jacket, the khaki pant, hot pink tank from J Crew, jumpsuits, studded and skinny belts.

TGATP: And last question.  The recipe for the daily drink you recommend?

MS: Beets, aloe vera, spinach, kale, parsley, and you know what, throw a lil’ ginger in there to break it all up.

TGATP: All righty.  Thank you so much.  By the way, I’m That Girl At The

MS: That Girl At The Party was good!  (laughs)

Check out Molly’s jewelry line at:

For more information on PSI, go to:

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