Elvis, Barbie, and a Giant at NY Fashion Week Parties!



New York Fashion Week is in full swing and this year’s parties have, so far, been some of the best ever!  From Elvis marriages and Wu-Tang at the Lexus party to crafting with PS. I Made This at the Mercedes Benz kickoff event to a Mattel Barbie Dream House with live Barbies to a private Diet Pepsi Fashion Show hosted by the hilarious bon vivant Simon Doonan and his partner Jonathan Adler, no expense has been spared in entertaining the crowd.

I am so happy to see brands upping the ante on their Fashion Week event planning.  In years past, except for the extravangzas that Prada always gave, Fashion Week parties have mostly consisted of champagne and DJs with seemingly no real thought put into the actual staging and activities.  This year there are also more catered events, a welcome change from the previously alcohol-fueled, anorexic themed soirees of yore.

TGATP spotted, met, and caught up with a slew of celebs including TGATP favorite and mom-to-be Molly Sims, who waved at me from across the Rock and Republic for Kohls runway.  Molly and I had a hilarious interview about her jewelry line and dished about guys two years ago (http://thatgirlattheparty.com/molly-sims-interview/4080/).  I remain a big fan despite my wedding inivitaion getting lost in the mail.  I didn’t get to speak to her at the show, so wanna say “Congrats” on the coming baby!

At the show, I was seated with champion Giants Wide Receiver Ramses Barden – an adorable Fashion Week newbie.  I was delighted when he asked “How long are Fashion shows?”  like a little boy wanting to know “Are we there yet?!”  Seems he had a Knicks game to get to.  Zoe Saldana, who you just wanna slap she is so beautiful, was chilling with Molly at the show.  I have never seen a prettier girl, she’s  just a vision.  Her skin and hair were FLAWLESS!   If Bradley Cooper is actually waking up next to that he needs to put a ring on it!  Subito!  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  And hey, Zoe if Bradley f*^ks up, my man Ramses thought you were hot!

The Gossip Girl boys were also in the house for Kohls with Penn BadgleyKelly Rutherford, and Ed Westwick seated in the front row.  Westwick seemed to be hanging with Rachel Zoe and Kelly Bensimon.  Also sharing the front bench for the Kohls R&R show were auntie-to-be Ashlee Simpson and her latest beau, who acted like love-struck teenagers trading little kisses before the show started and Mena Suvari, looking more amazing now then she did in her “American Beauty” years.  The years have definitely added polish.

At the Doonan/Adler for Diet Pepsi event, Kristin Chenoweth posed for a pic and was an absolute delight after one dude conducted what he seemed to think was a Barbra Walters-style interview, going on and on and on.  Honestly, dude.  You’re supposed to get quick BLURBS when people are on the go!  Other celebs-in-attendance for Diet Pepsi were Debra Messing, who I congratulated on her new hit show “Smash” and Tina Brown, who I barely recognized because her hair was bleached to within an inch of its life!

Another favorite TGATP celeb Rose McGowan was just hanging, like a regular partygoer, at the Barbie party.  I first met her three years ago at a Burberry event and she’s always oodles of fun and just a real cool chick.  There is an slight air of sexy mystery to her that just makes her sizzle.  I just love her energy!   She even helped one partygoer pick her outfit after doing her own.  Real fun gall!

I also caught up with Celebrity Stylist and Man-About-Town Phillip Bloch in the Barbie Dream House.  As we noshed on Jordan Almonds, I was hipping him to this amazing new designer Laura Siegel, who I had previewed earlier in the day.  I think Laura is one to watch and will be doing a separate post on her shortly!  The only thing different I would’ve done at this party was each Barbie model should’ve had a man!  I was telling one guest at the party how I used to have a Barbie tent with two separate sleeping bags for her and Ken.  But that I used to just put him on top of her in one of them.  The Barbies needed their Kens in the Dream House!

While there were no celebrities, the PS. I Made This party sponsored by Mercedes Benz was a real great time with guests given leather and trimmings to make anything we wanted.  The leather was the actual leather used to make Mercedes Benz seating!  From headbands to leather collars for the kinkier attendees, there was no shortage of imaginative items created.  Constance, the woman next to me, went all out and made a fringed handbag!  I am pretty craft challenged, so one of the lovely assistants made me a most adorable hatband.  She is a Penn State student set to graduate this year, so I wish her the very best and thank her for making me a really hot accessory that I can use for years to come.  Inspired to try something of my own, I whipped up a leather cuff, as well.




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