How to Make Roses and Other Fresh-Cut Flowers Last Longer

Fresh flowers lend a vibrant happiness to any living space. Their bright colors, fragrances, and simple innocence make you feel more alive with just a passing glance.

Many times you may have charmed your guests with a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers. A single stem of an elegant rose lifts up the mood of your loved ones in a heartbeat. When you start thinking about gift ideas, perhaps the first one is a gift hamper of seasonal blooms. But do you feel sad when these beauties begin to wilt? Would you like to know the secret sauce of keeping them fresh for longer?

With proper care and correct measures, most cut flowers stay alive and fresh for about 7 to 12 days. And all you need to ensure the maximum time for your flowers to stay fresh are common household items and a few easy tricks.

Try out these tips the next time you bring in roses or other fresh-cut flowers home.

1. Choose flowers based on their natural lifespan

Some flowers are naturally more delicate than others and seem to wilt faster under the same conditions. For bouquets that stay fresh longer, choose flowers like roses, lilies, daisies, freesia, and sunflowers.

2. Take proper care before arranging the flowers

There are a few pre-care steps to ensure a longer lifespan of your flowers, like –

  • Put the flowers in warm water with some flower food right after you bring them home. You can also use a DYI solution instead of the readymade flower food. Take 2 tbsp each of sugar and white vinegar and a dash of bleach and mix it well by stirring in the vase’s water.
  • Cut the stems in a 45-degree angle under water for better absorption, about 1-2 inches off the stems’ ends. Make it a clean cut.
  • Prune the thorns, extra leaves and lose petals that would fall below your chosen vase’s water-line.
  • Ensure your chosen vase is clean before putting in the water and flower food in it.
  • For heavier blooms, pick a low vase with a wider mouth. For more delicate and lighter flowers, go for a tall vase with a relatively narrow mouth. Picking the correct vase avoids overcrowding the flowers and gives them breathing room.

3. Provide consistent after-care

You need to continue the flower care regime with –

  • Place the vase in a colder area of your home, away from direct heat, sunlight and ripe fruits.
  • Change the vase’s water (preferably warm) and flower food and trim the stems same as before, every 2-3 days.
  • Remove all petals and leaves starting to dry up or wilt, right after you notice them, to prevent bacterial growth.

4. Not-so-common hacks

For long-lasting fresh flowers –

  • Keep the flowers in refrigerator at night, if possible.
  • Add in ¼ cup of soda in the vase’s water.

In conclusion, getting fresh flowers from a reliable local florist is always a good start in this whole process. Visit Pearsons Florist for the best fresh-cut flowers throughout the year in and around Sydney today. Plus, use these tips to enjoy the freshness of gorgeous blooms for longer!

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