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TGATP was blessed to have an appointment at the Tela Design Studio and my hair has never been healthier.  The owner of the studio, the legendary Philip Pelusi was kind enough to give TGATP readers some inside tips on how to get the shiny healthy hair we all dream of.

TGATP:  You are celebrating 45 years of creating unforgettable hair.  How did you get your start?

Philip: I tried cutting hair and I loved it!  So I immediately sold my car and financed myself through beauty school.  Also, growing up, I was influenced by my sister.  She was very fashionable and she used to bring back European fashion magazines.  I began to develop a sense for style and design early on.

TGATP:  Discuss your theory of hair as fabric.

Philip:  As a hair designer, I soon realized that the quality, influence and process of my work depended on the health and quality of the hair.  My approach is much like a clothing designer when designing a garment based on the type of fabric they are using.  I see a relationship in this way when it comes to hair design.  The better the natural hair fabric the better the design.  I started out this way 45 years ago and still principal my work in this way.

TGATP:  What is the number one thing that women do wrong with their hair?

Philip: Getting trend cuts that do not match who they are. From the fabric point of view, individuals should treat their hair like skin.  Hair is the only hair accessory that grows out of our body.  We wear our hair everyday.

TGATP   African-American women are often of the “oil it and heat it” school of thought when it comes to their hair.  Discuss why this is not the best option and what products that the Tela and Hair Care by Philip Pelusi lines have for this type of hair.

Philip: Oils in hair products usually contain petrochemicals.  Over time, this continues to coat the outside of the hair and weigh it down, giving it a stiff look without any health benefits.  The hair just doesn’t seem to move.  With Tela Beauty Organics Hair gloss I have formulated a USDA Certified Organic formula that does not have any petrochemicals or oil based silicones.  With this formula hair receives hydration, shine, and movement.  No build up develops and you get versatility of style plus health benefits.

TGATP:  You just launched a new Keratin treatment.  How is it different from the other Keratin treatments on the market?

Philip: First and foremost, the Tela Beauty Organics BLOW OUT formula I have created and formulated contains 85% USDA Certified Organic ingredients.  This makes it the world’s first.  Also it is a phyto-keratin, which is plant based and also distinguishes us.  Ultimately what makes BLOW OUT so unique is my patented Hydro Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex.  This ingredient complex is designed to rehydrate and restore health in the hair.  The more BLOW OUT treatments you get, the better the hair gets.  Check out for BLOW OUT

TGATP:  What are the hottest hair trends for Summer 2011 and your forecast for the Fall Season?

Philip: Short cuts are back with a rocking edge. Use ENCORE to get a really fresh look. As for color trends:  bright blondes, deep crimson and deep cinnamon to sun kissed ends are a hot look for the summer.  Color Guard Shampoo and Color Guard Conditioner and daily use of GUARDIAN will protect your color investment.  Another hot trend is wild waves!  Use my BEACH HAIR for this look!  Use a small amount and emulsify it in your hands before you apply it to your hair and scalp to get volume and wave texture.

TGATP:  I am mad for organic products, what was the philosophy behind your Tela Organics line and where does the name derive from?

Philip: I have always been driven by beauty combined with health.   I have been committed to this connection since the early 70’s. I love making organic non-toxic products that are performance based AND deliver beauty.  “Tela” is derived from Latin and translates to fabric and/or web of design that I think is the perfect metaphor for what we have in mind when it comes to our hair as fabric approach to hair care.

TGATP:  There is a Philip Pelusi cosmetics line, and your Tela lip balm is a TGATP favorite beauty product.  Do you have any plans for a Tela Organics cosmetics line?

Philip: Expanding our reach with Tela Beauty Organics BLOW OUT will keep me busy for a while! I am always a work in progress.

TGATP:  Any parting advice for more beautiful hair?

Philip: Begin to realize that healthy hair can really never be manufactured and any surface or topical illusion of healthy hair is only temporary and not vital.  It is either healthy hair or not.  My suggestion is to use heat protection every time you heat style. Use my HEALER for this every time you take that blow dryer or flat iron out.  Finally, stop razoring you hair.  After all, would you razor your new silk dress?



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