Get Happy Feet with Earthies, Chacos, and Aetrex Shoes

TGATP's Earthie Pick


I inherited my love of shoes from my dear Mom, whose collection rivaled Imelda Marcos!  She was famous for buying shoes that felt great in the store only to have them end up discarded, at the bottom of her closet, after just one outing.  I have, unfortunately inherited that habit and literally have shoes that I put on, walk down the street to go out in, then end up turning right back around and changing out of.  Or alternatively, I have to always have a spare on me, like my feet are tires!  So when I tried on an Earthie at a recent preview, I was absolutely ecstatic!  Finally, after a lifetime of sore feet and spare pairs, a shoe that I can actually wear all day.  With the motto “Wellness. Elevated,” Earthies are fashion forward yet foot health conscious.  Highlighted by a line of short heels and wedges, the Aetrex Spring/Summer 2011 line features premium leathers and suedes, nature-inspired details, and ornamentation that includes decorative beading, buckles, macramé, mesh patterns, pleating, midsole wraps, and stud details.

TGATP's Chaco Pick

Following the Earthies discovery, I was invited to a preview to check out both the Summer and Fall 2011 Chacos and Merrell shoes!  I received a gift card from Merell at the American Image Awards, two years ago and am wearing the sandals I bought with it for my third summer.   They are so comfortable it’s like I’m walking barefoot.  The Chacos are comfortable too.  But the adjustable straps are a bit tough to figure out.  When I adjust one strap, it makes another part of the shoe too big.  Have an adorable red pair but may have to send them back and get something else,  if I can’t figure out the weird strap thing soon.


TGATP's Aetrex Pick

Combining comfort with high style Aetrex shoes are new favorites.  Last week, a van piled high with bloggers was transported to Englewood for the ribbon cutting of the brand spankin’ new Aetrex shoe shop.  The company is a family affair with Aetrex CEO Larry Scwartz and all his sons on board.  Sportscaster and former NY GIant,Phil Sims was on hand to add some star power to the opening and the Mayor of Englewood was also in attendance.  Aetrex has an innovative sizing machine called iStep Wave, that allows customers to get their true shoe size by scanning their feet to ensure a proper fit.  Once scanned, the iStep immediately custom selects footwear and orthotic styles for the individual’s needs. The Wave utilizes advanced wireless technology and can be operated with hand-held wireless devices with the foot scans instantly displayed on the monitor or sent virally via MMS or email to customers.  (It’s positively Jetson-esque!) I discovered that my foot is actually a half-size larger than I thought, which explains why I have so many ill-fitting shoes!  Guests at the opening were offered an iStep Wave scan and their choice of shoe!  (TGATP found two that I really love!)


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