Intelligent Nutrients Introduces Aromatics

There is simply no company that I adore more than Intelligent Nutrients!  I was very blessed to be introduced to the line early last year and I swear by all of these amazing products!  The enigmatic Founder Horst Rechelbacher (also the Founder of Aveda) explained to us that there are 80,000 (that’s EIGHTY THOUSAND) harmful chemicals on the market in the US – lurking in our environment, consumer products water, and food.  These chemicals are even being found in newborns passed on from their parents.  And this is not without very serious consequences to our health.  Cases of cancer are up 120% since the ’70’s due to our exposure to these chemical toxins.

Intelligent Nutrients is Certified Organic and there is nothing toxic, metallic, synthetic, plastic, or in any way harmful in any of the products.  Last year, I told you about the Bug Repellent Spray that is so lush that I use it as a year-round room spray, the Harmonic Hair Line that cleanses and conditions without stripping the hair or leaving a nasty residue and the Lip Delivery Nutrition and Antioxidant Gloss that is hydrating and anti-aging and so healthy you can safely eat it.

Now IN has launched a line of can’t live without aromatics.  We had an incredible demonstration at the launch.  First, we sat with an aura reader, who generated a picture of the energy around us when we first arrived.  Mine was all expansive and full having just come off rushing through the NY streets from another event.  Then we were introduced to the aromatics line and asked to pick our favorites.  Mine were the citrusy blends – Awaken (1) and Focus (7).  As I breathed the heady concoctions in, I could just feel the waves of relaxation take me over.  My re-test with the mystical Aura Man revealed a much more grounded and centered energy, more focused and inwardly calm.

The seven formulas are:

1. Awaken – Wake Up:  Top notes of lemon and lemongrass and lime lead a spicy green heart of stimulating spearmint and black pepper lift you up where you belong.

2. Seductive – Make Love:  A warm, sweet, sensuous blend filled with intoxicating, aphrodisiac nutmeg, clove and rich vanilla with a touch of blackberry to melt the heart (and a few other things).

3. Attune – Feel Good:  Soft minty goodness wth peppermint andd ravinstara, carefully balanced with floral notes of rose, geranium and petitgrain all come together on a base of vetiver and vanilla.

4. Nuture – Take Comfort:  Soothing lavender, vitalizing carrot seed oil, regenerative sweet orange and balancing geranium to create a calming, healing and therapeutic blend.

5. Innercalm – Wind Down:  Sweet orange, white grapefruit and mandarin are used to create a soothing combination as they mingle with warm, tranquil floral notes of neroli and petirgrain.

6. Restore – Urgent Care:  Deep, spicy, ancient medicinal oils of ravinstara, oregano, everlasting and cinnamon a bed of regenerating patchouli, rosemary and thyme oils to help promote personal restoration.

7. Focus – Feed the Mind:  Feed your head with this delicate floral blend of neroli, chamomille, rich jasmine and nocturnal ylang ylang, infused with enough bergamot zing to bring clarity.

With the hustle and bustle and noisy rumbling that is NY living, I highly recommend that you make these aromatics a part of your daily routine.  Horst suggests that you use them at different times of the day based on the mood you need to set.

It was a delightful afternoon checking out all the products with the wonderful IN staff.  Horst is a TGATP hero and I admit to a bit of a crush simply because he cares so much about the planet and our health!  While I usually only date younger guys, I find that kind of commitment to good work very sexy in any man!  I will be visiting his farm in Minnesota on a press trip in the near future to bring you even more exciting news from Intelligent Nutrients.



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