Recreate Red Carpet Beauty With GlamScout


Janelle Monae, Emma Stone, and Natalie Portman are just a few of the stunning women nominated at last night’s Academy Awards. Whether they went for the natural look or layered the makeup on, there’s no doubt they looked gorgeous!

Can’t wait to replicate each red carpet look? Download GlamScoutan app from FaceCake Marketing Technologies, which allows users to find real product matches to any full cosmetic look from any photo! Using proprietary visual search technology, GlamScout performs a multi-category search through thousands of products and instantly delivers product matches for the complete look from over 80 major and luxury brands. 

By uploading or snapping a photo from the show, GlamScout instantly identifies each makeup shade and provides direct product matches from both mass and prestige cosmetic brands. Use the built-in augmented reality feature to virtually Try-On the makeup in real time using your device’s camera as a mirror. Try-On each product individually or test them all together for the full effect! From there, you can either purchase your favorites or share your image sporting the new look on social media.

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