Getting Wiggy With Sherri Shephard’s LuxHair Wigs

I have been hair obsessed since I was a child. Spoiled rotten by a wondrous Mom, I had to have my hair done every single week in my teens. Thus, it was with great pleasure that I got to spend some time with Sherri Shepherd at the London hotel, checking out her lovely line of LuxHair wigs. We chatted about why she started the line and other fun facts about wigs. Sherri stated, “We’re coming away from thinking that only old people wear wigs. Because everyone in the industry wears wigs and not just black actresses…everyone.”

Sherri further wanted TGATP readers to know that nowadays you can look totally natural with a wig on while protecting your own tresses. She stressed, “People are now wearing wigs because they see that it gives them a different alternative and you don’t have to do anything to your hair, which protects your hair.” On the topic of how expensive nice wigs can be, Sherri stated, “My line is all about quality and affordability. I want to make it as available to women as I possibly can.” We also talked a bit about weaves vs. wigs, Sherri stated, “Wigs are a better protective style alternative than weaves, because at night you can take them off and let your hair breathe. On the weekends, I wear my hair natural and I love that I have that versatility.”

Sherri said she likes short wigs but I lean toward longer hair when I do extensions and pieces. So I am looking forward to seeing some more lengths added to her line. There are currently available crowns in three different styles – Pixie, Bob and Curls. With up to 14 color combinations in each style, there is something for everyone. I adore the wig she gifted me with (see above) and can’t wait to try others.

Here are my favs:

Go to: to check out more styles and order yours!

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