EXCLUSIVE: Shear Genius Star/Fashion Star Stylist Theodore Leaf Talks Spring Hair!

Theodore Leaf


Great professional stylists  must be able to test the limits and go beyond expectations, but if you have no limits when it comes to expressing talent, then you are more than just a hairdresser.  Theodore Leaf, Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist is a one-man lifestyle revolution.  From runway to everyday, Theodore brings a classic quality, tempered by a creative edge, to all of his clients.

Theodore began his training at the Paul Mitchell Academy in Ohio and later started his professional career in Atlanta at the Paul Mitchell Salon. Always having high aspirations, Leaf decided to take the leap and bring his talents to Los Angeles, where his story really begins.

Upon arriving in LA, Theodore was given the chance to work his way through Broadway shows, fashion shows, advertising campaigns, and a list of high profile clients to display his talents, which soon landed him in the television spotlight.

Theodore became the youngest contestant on Bravo’s “Shear Genius,” where he met Hollywood stylist, Sally Hershberger.  He brings wit and insouciance, which makes him a great candidate for television appearances and media events.  Currently, Theodore Leaf is based at Sally Hershberger Los Angeles, and acts as head stylist on NBC’s newest hit, “Fashion Star”.

TGATP was honored to be able to ask Theodore a couple questions about his favorite Spring Hair trends and dish about the Oscars!

TGATP:  How did you get your start?
TL:  I literally did hair in a window display while working retail and the res s they say was history.

TGATP:  What is the number one thing that women do wrong with their hair?
TL:  The one thing that most women do wrong is wash there hair too often, wasting time and putting unnecessary stress on there tresses.

TGATP:  What are the hottest hair trends for Spring/Summer 2012?
TL:  I am doing tons of mid-length haircuts leading into spring, girls are finally ready for a chop and embracing freshly cut looking hair.

TGATP:  What celebrities do you feel always get their hair look right?  And who could use a re-do?
TL:  I think that Hedi Klum always looks great and I love that she is always changing her look. Whereas, it seems that Cameron Diaz is in need of some hair help!

TGATP:  Updos were everywhere on the Oscar red carpet, who pulled it off the best?
TL:  I really loved Emma Stone‘s hair it was chic and simple and went flawlessly with the gown.

TGATP:  What products should every well coiffed woman have in her arsenal?
TL:  I would say Suave Professionals Dry shampoo & conditioner. you can absorb oil at your roots and refresh tired dry ends all with no water!

TGATP:  What is your hair motto?
TL:  Don’t get stuck in a beauty rut, just when your comfortable change it!

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