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I was deeply, deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Horst Rechelbacher, the CEO of Intelligent Nutrients, Founder of Aveda, an active environmentalist, innovative business leader, author, artist, yoga practitioner, an amazing human being and one of my favorite people and heroes.

I met and fell in Love with him three years ago at a luncheon for his Intelligent Nutrients lip gloss and serum. I was also blessed to be invited to his wonderous NY penthouse, (which Candice Bushnell once stated was “the coolest penthouse in Manhattan) for the launch of the IN Aromatics line. I now lament that I never made the time to take him up on his invite to his farm in Wisconsin.

I loved Horst’s passion for the planet and all of the, great and small creatures, living on it. He was the first person to hip me to the fact that lipstick and nail polish are toxic and going into our bloodstream. Although I still wear both, I try to make healthier choices on brands now.

I use Intelligent Nutrients products every day, so think of him often.  He  was the epitome of the conscious businessman and once stated that as business people we should, “Ask ourselves: How can we serve, nurture and sustain the planet and its people in our business ventures?”

I plan to take Horst’s words to heart. He will be very greatly, greatly missed.

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