TGATP Creative 2010 Holiday Gift Ideas

Because I love shopping and listen intently to people’s interest,  holiday gift giving has always been a breeze for me.  If you are one of those folks that are always greeted with a polite thank you through a clinched smile upon presenting a holiday gift, please check out some of these creative ideas for the long-suffering folks on your list.

1. Cold hard cash – Many of the people on your list are at either extreme of the current US economic dichotomy.  Some are out of work and struggling and then others are extremely well off.  For both of these types, cash is the perfect solution.  Your broke friends gotta eat and your rich friends are able to buy themselves pretty much everything you could think of to give them, so best to let them choose something they actually want or need!  Skip the debit card option since a lot of them have fees that will quickly knock out their usefulness.  instead go to a bank and ask for crisp, brand spanking new bills, and put them in a nice money holding card.

2.  Magazine subscriptions – I was browsing the Barnes and Noble website and they offer a staggeringly low rate on magazine subscriptions!  Lucky and Allure are just $7.00 each!  With tons of articles on shopping and beauty a subscription to each of these, is the ideal gift for any woman on your list.  And for the Boys, Maxim is just $9.97 and Playboy is 15.97!  How ideal to get a gift that will continue to give year round!  Just make sure to give some proper thought to the type of magazines your recipient will actually read.  In other words, don’t send Granny Cosmo, unless she is a really swingin’ chick!

Homedics Home Spa Items – In these hustle and bustle times, you can never go wrong with home spa items.  NEV-ER.  They are purrrrfect for every age group and every gender on your list.  In addition, they keep giving for years!  Homedics is my home spa company of choice and this year they have a ton of lovely gift items at every price range including: the Therapist Select Massaging Cushion (mine is named after Hugh Jackman!), the Shiastsu Pillow (I am on this everyday!), the Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager , and the Vibration Massage Bath cushion.  At a lower price point, affordable for everyone on your list, is an adorable slipper style foot massager called a SQUISH for just S12.99 and an Exfoliating Shower Massager for just $9.99!

4. Nintendo DSi preloaded with Brain Age Bundle – For the elderly folks on your list, I highly recommend a Nintendo DSi preloaded with the Brain Age games.  There is nothing worse than a doddering elder relative forgetting who you are before he gets to leave you everything in the will, so make sure to keep his mind active and alert with games!

5.  Pandora One Subscription – This gift is a definite win and sure to please everyone on your list!  Pandora is my favorite thing right now enabling users to create customized radio stations with every genre of music.  I recently got this as my birthday gift and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  In just minutes, I set up a a Jazz station, a Classical Station, a Classic Rock Station, a Reggae/Ska station and a Gospel Station!  I’m, in fact, listening to it as I write this post!  Subscriptions come with either a printed or e-card starting at a bargain $36 per year.

6.  Netflix Gift Subscription – Along with Pandora, you can’t go wrong with Netflix.  EVERYONE loves movies!  Netflix just announced an increase in price for the new year.  However, that will come with an increase in the number of movies streaming instantly, which I have long felt they needed to implement.  My online to mailed movie watching is now at about 10 to 1 and I end up with the same movie for months with the mail option.  The only problem I foresee with this is massive layoffs as there wouldn’t be a need for workers mailing movies out anymore.

7. Table Topics Cards and The Box Girls Box of Questions I love these items!  With so much to distract and insulate us these days, families and friends often know very little about each other.  Both of these sets of cards pose simple questions that allow for an exchange of conversation at the Christmas dinner table, Hanukkah meal, and many other occasions.  This is an ideal gift that can be used year after year at an affordable price – the Box Girls sets are $19.95 for full sized and just $9.95 for stocking stuffing minis and the Table Topics cards run from $9.00 for 80 card sets to $25.00 for larger sets.  The Box Girls family cards slant a bit younger with much simpler questions for family.  Having thought of everything – from Bachelorette and Girl’s Night Out sets for women to a Slumber Party set for little girls – they even have a Family Road Trip set to distract “those little no-necked monsters” joining you on long road trips.

The Table Topics cards are TGATP favorites!  Affordably priced, they are elegantly housed in hard clear plastic cubes with a set for every occasion.  I particularly like the Not Your Mother’s Dinner Party set, which features racier questions for your guests.  There is also a wonderful Date Night set that helps idea challenged males and lazy couples come up with more interesting date options.  For the still love blind couple, the adorable Pillow Talk cards will keep the bedroom both romantic and spicy. Decade party themed cards with a corresponding playlist and party menu and cocktail ideas on the Table Topics site make for another great set.  As well as, the boxes of conversation cards, Table Topics has also designed two other sets – idea cards for dating, family outings, and more and scatter cards that can be tossed with coordinated confetti on any party table.

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