The Doll Series: Annabelle Meets The Grudge

Annabelle” meets “The Conjuring” meets “Ju-On”, The Doll series is good, scary fun from Indonesian director/producer Rocky Soraya. Centered around haunted dolls but with the added terror of accompanying demons, this horror film series delivers. I stumbled upon these films on Netflix and really enjoyed the whole series for my Friday fright night. It’s shot in a Lifetime movie way so you might not imagine that it will be as creepy as it is. But if you allow yourself to go with it, it will scare the mess out of you. There are ghosts, demons from the ceiling, banging doors, doorbells ringing, footsteps overhead, things under the bed, writings all over the walls, possessions, an exorcism, and every other manner of scare. I don’t like dolls anyway so that added to the scares for me.

The second and third films, The Doll 2 and Sabrina are less creepy than the first. Doll 2 is definitely like a Lifetime movie with a soapy, melodramatic plot and an obvious twist that you will spot a mile away, There are also far less scares. Though the series is very derivative, pulling a little bit from a ton of existing franchises, it still works and will satisfy all horror fans.

The next installment, The Doll 3 is set to be released on May 26, 2022.


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