Brother Jimmy’s Opens in Union Square

As Brother Jimmy’s is my favorite NY BBQ spot, there was no place I wanted to be more than the opening of the new branch in Union Square (116 East 16th St. b/tw Irving Place and Park Avenue)!  The party rocked for four hours with a full open bar and tons of passed food from their menu.  A Native American Medicine Man once told me that you should scope out the energy in a restaurant before eating there, because if the staff is unhappy they can put a bad energy in your food, which will put a bad energy into your body and thus, spirit.  With that in mind, I was so happy to see that the Jimmy’s staff were all big sweethearts, who actually seemed to love their second gig.  In fact, the staff were so affable that they were like party guests!

Celebs in attendance included:  Nick Lachey, Joey Fatone, Rob Iler, Katrina Bowden, Al Harrington, and Jon Vilma.

Great BBQ, fun staff and the best virgin Bloody Mary I have ever tasted is a recipe for restaurant success.  I will definitely be a regular for dinner at this new hot spot!

That Girl At the Party

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