Laugh Your Ass Off With American Reunion


I’ll admit to be a bit sceptical about this going in.  But by sticking to a formula that worked, American Reunion is the rare instance when fourth film in a series is still fresh.  In “American Pie”, we fell in love with four horny teen boys trying to lose their virginity in a seeming homage to Porky’s.  Then in “American Wedding” we laughed our way through the wedding of band camp sweethearts, Jim and Michelle.   Now we revisit our screen friends ten years later, all grown up and facing the issues of adulthood with hilarious consequences.

I once read somewhere that most people don’t change much from their high school years and I find that to be true.  This film rings true to that theory with all of the characters simply adult versions of their teen selves.  In American Reunion, the gang’s all back just as we came to know and love them!  Jim is still a horndog, Stifler is still goofy, Kevin is still a loveable hottie just more so, Finch is still adorable, Michelle is still the girlfriend that every boy wants to marry and Vicki is still a partygirl.  Oz is now a celebrity with a trophy girlfriend, which is a bit in congruent, with the rest of the story.  On the parental side, Eugene Levy steals the film as Jim’s Dad, who is still offering his son“talks” and Stifler’s Mom is still a lustful sex fiend.  Also returning to great comic form are  Mena Suvari as Heather, Natasha Lyonne as Jessica and Shannon Elizabeth as Nadia.

American Reunion is the perfect film to lift you out of any lingering Winter blues and get you chuckle ready for Spring.  With 13 years (gasp!) since the first one, you’ll feel like you are going to your own reunion.


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