4th of July Wine and Food Pairings from BevMo!

There’s nothing quite like celebrating the 4th of July with some food fresh off the grill, and BevMo! wants to remind all patriotic party throwers and goers that offering some whites and reds in addition to your Blue Moon can be a great BBQ compliment, too.   With their signature 5 Cent Wine Sale happening now (throughout CA and AZ), stocking up for a party doesn’t have to break the bank – every wine listed below is included in the sale, along with hundreds more at every price point.

Hot Dogs + Sparkling Wine (see above)

The bubbles and citrus help to cut the fattiness and compliment the saltiness.

Charles Ninot Sparkling Wine Brut – $16.99 / second bottle for 5¢



Grilled Corn + Chardonnay

The citrus and mineral flavors and full body are the perfect complement to the sweet corn and salty butter.

Bushranger Cpt. Starlight Chardonnay ’09 – $16.99 / second bottle for 5¢



Spicy Brats + Syrah

A full-bodied red with ripe fruit tones compliments the heat.

Hahn Estates Syrah ’10 – $15.99 / second bottle for 5¢


Burgers + Zinfandel

This rich and slightly peppery wine pairs well with smokey flavors, and even barbeque sauce.

Gen 5 Zinfandel ’10 – $14.99 / second bottle for 5¢


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