YSL launches Belle D’Opium

Like the famous Yves Saint Laurent Opium party in 1978 at the South Street Seaport, the 2010 fragrance launch for Belle D’Opium, Yves Saint Laurent’s new fragrance was a glamorous, international affair.   The event, a world premiere for the fragrance launching this fall, was a high-tech experience complete with stirring holograms and mesmerizing music that brought to life the hypnotic dance by French actress, Melanie Thierry, and celebrated choreographer, Akram Kahn, created for the fragrance’s television spot.  In addition, editors from major titles from countries all around the world including France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Canada and the United Kingdom were flown into New York for the launch.

Unplanned hilarity occurred at the door as we waited to get in, when one guest wandered up and dropped the most obvious partycrasher line of all – “I am a very important client!” It’s right up there with “don’t you know who I am!” as an annoying reminder that the person is a nobody!  When that didn’t work for him, he walked over to the clippers holding the press list, and get this, claimed to be “sent from Twitter and at the party to tweet for them!” My fellow photogs and I just rolled our eyes to the sky and waited for him to be escorted out of the press area.  We were all amazed that, on the contrary, the PR people actually escorted him IN, despite this glaringly obvious ruse!  I have to give it to him as that was the most original make-believe profession ever!   “Hi,  I’m not on the list but I’m a Tweeter sent from Twitter!” How ridiculous is that?!  And how utterly ridiculous, that it worked!

Notables in attendance were:  Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ashley Olsen, M.I.A, Olivier Martinez, Whitney Port, Maggie Rizer, Rachel Zoe, Alexis Bledel, Derek Blasberg, Katie Lee, Byrdie Bell, Jennifer Creel, Jessica White, Harley Viera-Newton, Annabelle Dexter Jones, Designer Jay Godfrey, Dr. Lisa Airan and Lucy Sykes.  Alexandra Richards and Alexa Chung were the evening’s DJs.


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