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Last week, Philips invited TGATP to check out their latest hot products and there were tons of great new innovations at the beautiful London Hotel.  I will be covering some of their other cool stuff in future posts, but first wanted to tell you about some truly awesome lighting ideas.  With the economy still stumbling, for many of us, redecorating is too expensive to consider right now.  For an affordable solution, you can change the ambiance of the rooms in your house by adding a few nifty lighting enhancements.  In addition, since TGATP believes in the “home as spa”; I also would like to recommend Philips fantastic light therapy products.

The Philips Wake-Up Light is the best way to start your day without the bombastic disruption of an alarm clock.  By gradually increasing the light, this innovative lamp gently eases you into the day.  As one who sets her clock 45 minutes fast and then still hits snooze five times, this is the perfect product to end my daily awakening chaos.

For entertaining, you can’t beat the Imageo Tea Light.  Completely wireless (and fireless!) they switch on with just a tilt.  They are cool to the touch and waterproof for indoor and outdoor use.  In addition, they look just like real tea candles offering a safe, yet chic, candle alternative for every household.   Perfect for dinner parties, candlelight baths, or outdoor evening parties, this is a must have product!

The Lumiware Vase or Lumiware Cooler make perfect wedding or housewarming gifts.  Battery operated, they both feature scratch resistant plastic with decorative lighting featuring white and colored LED lights.  They can be set to one preferred color or a changing rainbow of colors.

A lovely off to college gift, the Ledino Desk Lamp is nicely portable and maintainance-free.  Powered by a LED bulb that will last for years, it is a fully flexible desk lamp that stays exactly where you point  it.  I love the power that this baby packs in such a small package making it perfect for dorm rooms and small offices, alike.

Despite being born in late November, I am not, at all, a fan of wintertime.  By mid-January, with all the holidays over and done, I always get the blahs.  Fortunately, this winter, I will have the assistance of the revamped goLite Blu to help with my SAD symptoms. The lamp also helps to boost energy levels throughout the day by aiding sleep.  And it is compact enough for travel, making it a good gift for those folks on your lists who travel through a lot of different time zones.  I can’t wait to try this out.

And finally, no household, especially a cool bachelorette pad is complete without a mood enhancing lamp.  The Philips Living Colors lamps, come in two sizes – the larger Gen2 and the smaller Mini version.  From romantic evenings with a lover to parties with family and friends, this is a fun for all occasions product.  It is child and pet safe since it does not heat up or have glass parts.  Just like the aforementioned vase and cooler, this product can either emit one color or be set to change colors.  creating a subtle shift in the mood of a room.  On the Gen2, you can also change the intensity of the light with a touch of the remote.  This product is definitely on the TGATP Wish List!

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