Happy Thanksgiving!



This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many things that I can’t count them all. It’s been a tumultous, yet exciting year. It’s been mostly the best of times with some worst of times sprinkled in. It was Life. Thus, this year, I am thankful for a newfound and hard won, inner peace and a cleansing. Everyone and everything that needed to go, thankfully, went. And everything I needed and everyone I needed to know -including a kooky little 8-week old kitten that I named Yoko – miraculously appeared right on time.

This year, I am thankful to have learned the ability to restore internal balance – to ride the inevitable waves. But most of all, I am happy to recognize that Life is a game, not a war. I wish for all of you that you gain that same guiding wisdom. People will try to throw all kinds of things at you. Circumstances will be good and bad. And most importantly, Life’s just way too short. Once you accept it, Life is a wonderous thing. But you have to accept it. No matter what it brings know that everything is for your better good, even that which seems terrible at the time you are going through it.

But enough preaching. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and please boycott the ridiculousness of Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving Thursday. Shop workers should be able to be with their friends and family or spend the day in reflection too.

That Girl At the Party

I am a proud blogger/influencer of 16 years and founder of the Henley Content Lab for content creators from underserved communities, who are 45 and over. I am also the founder of Chateau Canna and Cannappetit. I am also an aunt to 12 and human to Bodhi and Yoko Rey.

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