#Treetopia Makes The Perfect Christmas Tree

Our Beautiful Treetopia Alexander Fir


I am so mad for the holiday season that I put my tree up at the beginning of November, right after Halloween, and leave it up till mid-January!  This year, I opted for a beautiful 7.5 pre-lit Alexander Fir sent to me by the kind folks at #Treetopia.  

Delivery was quick and easy.  The tree arrived in 2-days and the kind deliveryman brought it all the way up the stairs and into the house.  Each segment of the tree is numbered, so you can set the whole thing up in all of 5 minutes.  At first, the top of the tree wasn’t lit, but that was my fault.  Once I properly attached all of the plugs, it was bathed in beautiful white lights.


Bodhi Checking Our Treetopia Tree Out From The Inside


I like a white, gold and red tree, so I opted for glittery ornament sets from the K-Mart Sandra Lee collection mixed with heirloom ornaments and tiny red bows.  If you have mischievous pets, like my little psycho kitten, Bodhi, make sure to get the shatterproof balls.  It’s our first Christmas together and Bodhi’s first experience with a tree.  She made it through about a week of the tree being up before leaping head first into the middle and now manages to get a ball or two off the tree almost every day.  So thank God, they are not glass.

Also, add some Scentsicles ornaments from Enviroscent and your tree will spring to life with the smell of fresh pine.  I swap them out with new ones every couple of days.


Family Heirlooms


Treetopia Tree With Kmart Star and Ornaments


Another tip is to definitely go with the pre-lit.  While I thought I would prefer to string my own lights, I was thrilled with the seemingly hundreds of lights already adorning my Treetopia tree.  I want to leave the tree up with the lights on all winter long, it’s just so lovely.

With the holidays, right around the corner, make sure to order yours today.  If you order by December 21st with 2-day shipping, it will arrive right in time for a Christmas Eve tree decorating party.

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