That Girl At The Party Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

This year is a significant Mother’s Day for me in so many ways. It is the tenth year since my own Mama was killed through hospital neglect. Secondly, I my thoughts are with the many children and families that lost their Moms and the other mother figures in their lives due to the pandemic and the previous administration’s bungled handling of it. For thousands of Americans, this will be the first Mother’s Day without them and I know how hard that is. I am very thankful we now have President Biden, a caring competent leader, who is helping us through this, so maybe next year a few less Moms will be lost.

It is also important to celebrate Moms, especially single Moms, in a special way this year. Because between working to keep roofs over their kids’ heads and the children properly fed while having to homeschool and keep them healthy, Moms had quite a tough year. 

So I did a mini-edition of That Girl At The Party | The Magazine as a gift guide with all my favorite gifts to celebrate your Moms and Mom figures this year!


That Girl At the Party

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