7 Tips To Add More Travel To Your Life

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Tired of being stuck in your daily routine?

Hey, we totally hear you. Everyone wants to take more frequent vacations and feed their sense of adventure. However, doing so is easier said than done given our day-to-day commitments and busy work schedules. Listen up: you can make your mission to travel more a reality.

And yes, this rings true whether you have kids, are sticking to a tight budget or haven’t done very much traveling in the past. The desire to travel more isn’t something you should set aside. Rather than live life on repeat, why not be bold and make it your personal mission to see as much of the world as you can?

Of course, doing so might seem like an uphill battle, right? It doesn’t have to be, though. To help drive this point home, we’ve put together a quick list of tips to get you in the air or on the open road to wherever it is you want to go. No matter what your situation might be today, the following seven tips send you on your best travel way!

  1. Become a Deal-Hunter

    First thing’s first: you need to be on the lookout for deals around every corner.

    For example, SkyScanner is a lifesaver for those seeking heap flights from popular and budget airlines alike. Although it may require some red eye flights and layovers, chances are the service can save you hundreds on any given flight.

    Similarly, don’t neglect the cash-saving potential of packaged vacations. Heck, you can find a vacation package to Fort Lauderdale or just about anywhere you might want to go if you do a bit of digging. Keeping your email inbox full with new deal alerts and flight updates might seem stressful, but can allow you to take budget vacations at a moment’s notice.

  2. Don’t Neglect Destinations That Are Close to Home

    When you think “travel,” you might think of hopping on a plane or taking a cross country road trip. Totally understandable, but travel doesn’t have to be some sort of big production. More likely than not, there are some awesome places for you to take a sort of “staycation” that are only an hour or two away from home. A small getaway is better than no getaway at all. Besides, taking more frequent, smaller trips is a smart move to help you save for a bigger one.

  3. Find a Travel Partner

    From splitting hotels to sharing the responsibilities of driving and beyond, having a partner in crime during your travels is always a good idea. An obvious choice would be your spouse, but don’t neglect friends and extended family that share your sense of adventure. Wondering what makes a good travel partner, anyway? Brainstorm people in your life who are opened-minded and organized but can also go with the flow. Such companions are invaluable during vacations, especially when things don’t go according to plan.

  4. See How Your Friends and Family Can Help

    Speaking of friends and family, look no further than your own personal network for potentia travel destinations. For example, a vacation is the perfect excuse to reconnect with those from out-of-town who you can stay with to save some big bucks. Likewise, you can return the favor for anyone who wants to stay with you.

  5. Focus on Experiences First and Foremost

    Perhaps the easiest way to make the most of any vacation is to focus on the journey rather than worrying about what you’re spending money on once you’ve reached your destination. For example, big cities such as New York or London can be enjoyed just by being there and enjoyed free activities including parks, museums and festivals. Sure, it’s nice to be able to eat out and enjoy some attractions. However, learning to simply enjoy traveling and of itself will save you money and make the process so much more rewarding.

  6. Rethink Your Work Situation

    If taking time off is a drag for you, consider how you can make travel a long-term goal for your career. While you may not be able to up and quit your job tomorrow, you can start looking into jobs for people who love to travel or a role at your current company that allows you to work remotely.

  7. Become More Frugal in Your Day-to-Day Life

    Think of it like this: the more you can save on a regular basis, the more trips you can take. Slashing small expenses can help make your travel dreams a reality, especially when you can put your savings on autopilot. Some popular apps to help you save for vacation include Digits, Acorn and Mint. Traveling more often is possible for just about anyone – granted you’re willing to plan accordingly. These tips can help you stay motivated and squeeze more trips into your schedule even if you’re on a budget.

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