Five Jewelry Trends For 2021

The year 2020 brought us much more time at home than any of us anticipated at the beginning of the year. Thus, it’s likely that you, like me, didn’t get to sport your jewelry all that much. With all of us working from home in casual or loungewear and having most of our meetings via ZOOM, there was never a real need to sport our lovely bling. But jewelry enthusiasts will no doubt agree that with the pandemic almost in our rearview window, now is the time to start pulling out our favorite jewelry pieces. To bring some much needed joy into my life, I have begun to wear my more distinctive pieces, which stand out even in an ZOOM call. In light of the trend towards more splashy pieces, many jewelry designers have even come up with jewelry that will more easily attract attention.

So, what jewelry should you wear in 2021?


Unique and eye-popping  earrings are perfect for all those Zoom and Microsoft Teams calls. Why? Because they frame your face and highlight your best features. They bring a little – and in some cases a lot –  of sparkle to the most ordinary of days. This year, long drop earrings that you might not normally wear to work are in. With these lovely earrings, you’ll look stunning and you won’t have to worry about any other accessories.

Chunky Chains

The design of classic gold chains is simple and beautiful and this year is positively crying out for adorning yourself with layers of gold. A single chain is captivating enough. But when you layer them, you create a real standout fashion statement that will continue to be popular in 2021.

Here’s a tip from: choose a combination of chunkier and more delicate chains in various types and colors of metal to add the right touch of style to your outfit!

The popularity of pearls is still on the rise

Jewelry with pearls is not ready to leave its lofty heights of popularity just yet. Maybe it’s because, in times of certainty and prosperity we tend to experiment more. But when times are uncertain, we find security in the classics. And nothing is more classic, than pearls. This season, I especially like baroque pearls, which will delight you with their boldness!

Highlight your neckline with distinctive pendants and all colors of the rainbow

Jewelry with colors is all the rage in 2021.  With this in mind, the Klenota jewelry studio recommends wearing necklaces with brightly colored gemstones, such as rubies and citrine. Eye-catching pendants also work well and are so versatile that you can wear them practically anytime in combination with the right neckline.

 Experimenting with metal textures

Novel looking jewelry isn’t just the result of interesting shapes or the use of unusual materials but is also the result of unusual designs. Forget about perfectly smooth surfaces and look for sandblasted rings, textured earrings or hammered gold pendants.

Although we don’t yet know what the situation will be for the rest of 2021, if we take care of how we look, we can start to feel a little more like we did before Covid_19 turned our worlds upside down. And above all, we can feel good about ourselves again. After all, fashion and jewelry are all about communicating without words. Which jewelry pieces will you let speak for you this year?



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