TGATP’s Take On for 7/22/10 – Lohan, Gibson, and Pitt/Jolie

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TGATP best wishes are sent to poor lil’ rich gal, Lindsay Lohan, who had to redeem her “Go to Jail” card this week, in LA.  It doesn’t sound like this will be the jolt she needs.  Reports are that her jail stay includes all the typical celeb perks.  She is being allowed her addictive meds and tons of visits from the very people who   her there, including her useless enabling Mom, Dina. TGATP hopes that this will be the wake-up call Lindsay so desperately needs.  But with all these special privileges, I doubt it.  Celebrities need to start being scared straight and just put in general population.

Three words on the unhinged tape recordings from Mel Gibson:  WTF?  I definitely subscribe to the idea put forth that he must be bi-polar!  I met Mel once, when he was shooting “Ransom” in the same sound stage, that I was working on a TV show.  He was just the nicest guy and, according to the crew, prone to practical jokes on his fellow cast members.   Physically and behavioral, this current gargoyle claiming to be “Mel”, in no way resembles the incredible hunky actor everyone fell in love with back in the ’80s.  And all this crazy hating on his victim is just unacceptable as well.  No matter whether she is a golddigger or a starf*#ker, or even a blackmailer, no woman deserves to be spoken to in that rabid tone and particularly not one who went through the pain of childbirth for this boy (I can’t bring myself to call him a “Man” anymore!) The latest is that she is being investigated for blackmailing Gibson for money for the tapes.  But I view, trying to destroy Osksana as tantamount to blaming the victim in a rape case.  Whether she demanded money for the tapes or not, this misogynist freak admits to hitting her and threatens to kill her on the tapes!  This was PRIOR to her asking for the money and so the evidence is there.   I also don’t buy that his long-suffering wife’s claim, that he didn’t abuse her.  Someone who rages like that, doesn’t usually just suddenly sprout an anger problem.  I’m sure the former Mrs.G has seen some pretty bad times in all of the years they were together.  It is more likely that the ex has no love for Oksana since she got left for her and now sees the whole situation as poetic justice.  And Whoopi, time to shut your mouth about this.  The View audience is mostly women and it does you no good to be defending a proven abuser.  While one may know a man on a friendly level, it is impossible to know if he is abusive to his partners.  In college, I  had a boyfriend, who jumped through hoops for me and was a complete sweetheart of a guy.  But I later found out that, he was very verbally abusive to his previous and subsequent girlfriends and wives.  In addition, many people are able to mask their prejudices while maintaining individual friendships with people from groups that they disparage as a whole.  Hell, slaveowners often left their slaves property after years of raping and beating them!  Does that mean that they were not racists?  Unfortunately for Mel, the ugly side to his personality is all on tape.  Since Mr. Gibson has always touted himself as uber-Christian, he needs to ask himself:  Can he see Christ talking to and treating another human being like that? I think not.

I have a new shero in  Shirley Sherrod, who handled a horrible life situation in a very graceful and elegant way.  Despite fighting for civil rights all of her Life, Shirley was the victim of a false accusation of racism spewed by right winged nutcase/blogger Andrew Breitbart.  This idiot posted an out of context clip of a speech she made to the NAACP in which, she spoke the truth about the issue of poverty and how she came to realize that  it is a problem that is epidemic in both the Black and White communities.   I feel that she is owed an immediate apology from the White House and should also be immediately offered,whatever position she wants, within the Administration.  In addition, I  hope Ms. Sherrod is considering a lawsuit against Breit-fart and the other right-wingnuts that started the witchhunt against her. We can not allow these sort of unsubstantiated attacks to just destroy good people’s reputations and lifelong careers based on altered videotapes and statements taken out of context.

And finally, Wendy Williams, I love ya, Girlfriend!  But you were way off-base today with the Angelina Jolie hating on your show!  For the five years you declared you have been“Team Aniston” , I have been firmly “Team Jolie”.  Angelina is an incredible woman and it is time that people stop rehashing this old story!  And with a 50% divorce rate, this is not an uncommon story. Brad Pitt was married to a woman with whom it didn’t work out and moved on to a woman, who he is currently in Love with.  This is five years and six kids later, time for Aniston and the other haters, to leave this lovely couple alone!    And just in – congratulations are in order to Brad and Angelina on winning their suit against the UK rag, News of the World that falsely claimed they were breaking up.

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