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By February, I am deep into hibernation mode and actively wishing for the winter weather to make a hasty exit!  This past week’s storms has made me remain for the most part That Girl In the House, as I am not desperate enough for a cocktail and a goody bag to navigate a blizzard.  I mean, really!  I love a good fete, as much as the next, but not when trees are falling on buses and people!  Thus, for the first time in a year and a half, I have had a couple nights to check out the latest that American TV has to offer.  I am now re-hooked on a couple of reality shows.  First, the Bachelor.  This season of The Bachelor has had more drama and hilarity than I could ever have imagined!  From the psycho Michelle, who was an obvious bunny boiler to the Roslyn drama to Ali leaving to Tenley’s desperation – this season has been a real doozy due to great casting.  Plus, Jake is actually a hottie although he seems a bit short.  While on the surface Tenley seems like better wife material, I prefer Vienna, who is less desperate and definitely seems like more fun.

This year’s American Idol is a mess and has definitely jumped the proverbial shark! It is just not the same without Paula, Ellen is a bad fit, and Simon seems to be just phoning it in!  It is obvious that he wants to be anywhere but on the Idol set.  My favorite contestant is definitely Crystal Bowersox, who brings a talent rarely seen on Idol.  She’s like the lovechild of Melissa Etheridge and Janis Joplin!  Only Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and Chris Daughtry displayed this much talent in the early rounds.  And interestingly, Simon Cowell was negative ’bout them too!  Makes one wonder why exactly anyone thinks he’s a good arbiter of talent.  But then, I just read his bio on Wikipedia and it seems his Daddy got him his first job in the Biz.  While some bloggers called this week’s eliminations a “surprise”, they were pretty much what I expected.  Ashley’s early exit was definitely not a total surprise!  Her performance was awful and she sang off key.  I watched the performances a second time and except for the odd bit in the middle, Hayley was endearing and you can tell there is a good voice in her.  She just needs to make sure to pick better songs and tone down the cheese factor.  Tyler deserved to go home, as he was bad too.  But Tim should’ve gone home instead of Joe, who gave one of the best performances on the men’s side vocally.  I think it was a bit of prejudice that sent Joe home.  He was judged more on looks than on talent.  Some people had bad things to say about Todrick and Jermaine but I liked them on the night.  Although Jermaine DID over sing his song a bit, he has chops.  And the week was not near as bad as the media was trying to make it!  We saw some truly stellar performances from Crystal (the most talented) and Siobhan. I also dug Didi (despite the stupid Simon comment) and Lilly was great!

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My other favorite reality shows all involve Gordon Ramsey.  With this season of Hell’s Kitchen already over, I am currently getting my Ramsey fix from Kitchen Nightmares. I know the casting agent on this and asked her are these restaurants really as filthy as they are portrayed.  She told me that the show doesn’t even portray the half of it! The only problem I have with this show is that after the restaurants are re-habbed I still don’t ever want to eat at them after seeing how filthy they started out!  Who’s to say that once Gordon leaves the owners and chefs don’t revert to their previous hygiene problems.

On the health care front, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!  I need healthcare!  NOW!  It is time that Congress cut the bi-partisan nonsense, give us a comprehensive plan with a PUBLIC OPTION and move on to the other pressing issues, like how we are all going to have jobs again!

In biggest case of hypocritical malarkey I have ever heard, Lisa Rinna claimed that to make sure that her young daughters did not see the People cover featuring Heidi Montag’s new jacked up face and body that she had to take that cover off the magazine before it came in the house”!  Are there any mirrors in the Hamlin/Rinna household?  Does she wear a bag over her head whenever she interacts with her kids!  Lisa, love ya!  But you were previously an amazingly beautiful woman and are now one of the biggest Hollywood cautionary tales when it comes to too much plastic surgery.  Watch that throwing stones thing!

And finally, so happy to see Angelina and Brad out and about with the wee ones and kissing each other publicly, effectively thumbing their noses at the false tabloid reports of their relationship’s demise.  They are a beautiful family and I wish them a life of Love together.

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