20 Questions (well,11) with Liam O’Maonlai of the Hothouse Flowers

I have known the Hothouse Flowers for almost half my Life, having met them during my whirlwind days as a PR Girl/Band-Aid in London.  So it is always like having family in town when they pass through on their yearly visits to the Big Apple.  Last night’s gig, while a bit more sedate than the norm as the venue inexplicably had everyone seated, was the usual extraordinarily seamless musical blend of blues, rock, reggae, and Irish traditional music that has always been their trademark.  For me, and I will admit a bias, the Flowers are, like the Family Stand, one of those bands that should’ve been much bigger and reached a far wider audience. They are currently on tour Stateside and I highly recommend that you check them out. Hothouse Flowers’ frontman, Liam O’Maonlai is one of the best vocalists and most versatile musicians performing today and has blessed TGATP with a 20 Questions interview!

(He’s pretty crazy busy so half was better than none on such short notice.  TGATP is still hoping to get the other 9 answers and will revise this post when, and if, I do.)

  1. Believe in: Life and possibility.  Music and love.
  2. In twenty years: I will be making music and loving the ones I love more and more.
  3. Happiest when: With my love and when playing music.
  4. Favorite journey: Every day.
  5. Will always: Feel love.
  6. Will never: Say never!
  7. Inspired by:  My family and music
  8. Biggest turn on: Is in my head.
  9. Favorite living musician: Anyone who means it.
  10. Favorite dead musician: Anyone who meant it.
  11. Regret that: I didn’t …I don’t know …. didn’t kiss someone sometime when I felt like it.
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