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President Obambush

Obama and the Democrats in Congress seem to have totally lost any desire to win the 2012 election!  With unemployment still stuck at a record high there are millions of people either already considered 99ers, (people who have exhausted 99 weeks of unemployment and have no jobs in sight and there are likely to be millions more joining them by the end of the year.  This is because the dummies in Congress have been toying with a much needed Tier 5, for months now, leaving people with out a lifeline and plunging them into poverty.  AT THE HOLIDAYS, no less!   While actively arguing for a tax cut for the rich, they are saying a literal “let them eat, not cake but NOTHING” to the poor!  This is not economic recovery it is a plan by the Republicans to totally sabotage it.  And this is definitely not a plan for victory in 2012.  The unemployed spend almost every dime of their money on mere survival as it is only half of what they were earning!  Thus, if this lifeline is stripped from under them, they will be forced onto social services.  With nearly 20 million, people out of work nationwide this is a much more expensive option than extensions.

While I supported Obama in 2008, he is coming off like a wimp with the Republicans pummeling him daily! And in his latest bad move, he had even sold his own  party and the American People out to smirking Republicans, by agreeing to a tax cut that puts zillions more on the deficit but does not go far enough to help the unemployed!   It is well past time for him to grow some cojones and start battling for his agenda and the people who voted him in!  Obama is still, inexplicably, trying to be the Rodney King of politics shucking and jiving to the “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along” shuffle.   His latest snafus have him looking like an impotent fool after a supposedly “bi-partisan” meeting with Democrats and Republicans.  Just hours after Obama claimed that the two parties were all going to work together, Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell came out and issued clearly partisan ultimatums, a clear bitch slap to Obama.  Now this latest sell out move!  I don’t see a second term for him if he doesn’t wake up and fight for the American people!  He can start by pushing for a Tier 5 extension added to the final bill, as vehemently as he fought for Health care!  It’s like he is cowering in the corner.  I am with Velma Hart, I’m tired of defending him tired of defending his administration, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now!  I ask the same question Ms. Hart did –“Is this out new reality?” In his response to her, Obama claimed that “Life is tough for everyone right now”.  But that is not true.  Life is not tough for the very same Congresspeople, who are blocking aid to the 99ers!

(Update: I made a call to the White House and the wimpy comment taker on the other end of the line had zip to say about why Obama is not standing up for those of us that voted him in.  So as of today, unless he grows some major cojones,  I will not be supporting Obama in the next election.)

So, yet another dumbass athlete has cheated on his gorgeous wife!  I am very disappointed, abet not surprised, to hear about the roving eye of Tony Parker, Eva Longoria’s man.  First off, he is an attlete who is often away from his wife with hoochie available in all directions.  Secondly, he was veeeeerrrrry young, just 22 when they hooked up.

Thanks to God that Bristol Palin lost on”Dancing With the Stars”.  It was a travesty that she was pushed through, not due to any dancing ability, but strictly because of people playing politics.  Where was Kanye when we needed him?!  Someone needed to jump up, grab the mic, and say “Brandy was ROBBED!”

And speaking of Mr. West, what the is up with this bi-polar vibe ’round the Taylor Swift and George Bush comments.  Purportedly he was ranting on about both incidents at a recent NY appearance.  About Taylor, he was right!  Beyonce WAS robbed!. Her “Single Ladies” video was the biggest video of the year in 2009, while most of us had never even heard of Taylor.  In fact, I feel Kanye made Taylor’s career as that incident propelled her.  And no, George Bush didn’t care about Black people or poor people for that matter!  No politicians do. (see above)  But the methods in which those messages were imparted were just off!  Snatching the mic from Taylor during her moment, however undeserved, was not a good look.  And to apologize, then keep waffling is also not the way to go.  Either stick to your actions or apologize and move on.

And finally, how ridiculous that Wesley Snipes is doing three years for tax issues, while the Wall Street Executives that led the US economy into shambles are not only free but giving themselves multi-million dollar bonuses!  This just doesn’t seem right.

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