TGATP’s Take On 1-22-10

If the measure of one’s success can be weighed by the number of wackjobs that start coming out of the woodwork, then That Girl At The Party has truly arrived!  After months of dealing with loonies, including a single Indian female, who completely studied my writing and attempted to imitate my phrasing and a wacky imposter, who claimed to be me to get into events in the DC area, the latest story really takes the cake!  This week, an avid party crasher and now wannabe blogger, launched a weird campaign whereby he was demanding that I provide him with information on the design of my site and the name of my developer!  As I could see that this dude was slightly unhinged (I mean who contacts a virtual stranger and demands info and assistance), I tried to be nice and advised him to do, what every other site owner does, and research themes then get a developer to work with him.  But this looney just kept inexplicably demanding my design info and my developer’s number, so I had to get clearer!  After getting nowhere with multiple e-mails, he got seriously creepy and began to leave comments on all the articles on the site.  From there, he pathetically copied my blurb on Martin Luther King WORD for WORD and has begun (even more pathetically!) outright copying various TGATP sidebar features, including the Ephemeris, complete with the headings!  I doubt this fool even knows what the Ephemeris is and why I supply that!  And now, despite the fact that I have told him to stop contacting me, he has taken to sending oodles of nasty and hilarious elementary school type e-mail missives from him and his motley party crashing crew.  This wacko had been requesting the name of my site for months before this and my gut instinct was always to just ignore him.  I usually tell everyone the name of my site, but there was always something slightly shady with his request.  I now know why.  With thousands of themes and widgets, it is really koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs (and illegal) that this weirdo is plagiarizing mine.  So thank God, for copyright laws and restraining orders!  Not sure, why exactly he loomed on to me and TGATP,  as I don’t really know him other than to see him at the few things he and his band of marauders manage to get into.  But then, he IS the good friend and cohort of well-known crasher and very strange cookie Vadim, so weirdness is to be expected?  And I guess I should, although a bit freaked by the whole thing, feel somewhat flattered that, with the zillions of sites in the universe, this nut is unsuccessfully trying  to be TGATP!  I watch with bemusement and rest assured in the knowledge, that his attempt to clone TGATP would fail even if he managed to copy every design feature on the site.  I mean, really!  I have done way too much eclectic living for anyone to truly replicate my voice!

The Haitian situation is just so sad that I cried and cried for the people!  This type of thing makes me question my faith as I will never understand why the universe will on occasion wipe people out like this.

Totally disgusted with the Massachusetts election of Scott Brown!  Poor Teddy Kennedy must be rolling over in his grave!  It’s like the Massachusetts voters literally spat on his grave!  The American people really need to wake up!  The Republicans are voting for everything on a completely partisan basis and will simply block everything we voted Obama in to do.  How nonsensical can people truly be?!  And I totally disagree with Obama saying that the Senate should not rush the Health Care bill through before Brown takes his seat.  If they don’t, then we will never pass it.  Because the Republicans don’t care about anything but thwarting Obama’s ability to achieve anything he promised to, so that they can reclaim the White House in 2012.

With the way things stand, we are basically just allowing the Republicans to continue to rule and instill more of their bad policies as witnessed by the awful decision by the Supreme Court to totally get rid of campaign finance reform. The timing is not to be missed.  Right when Obama announced that he was going after the shady practices of the banks and financial institutions, the Supreme Court empowered those same entities to basically buy the next congress and the future presidency!  Coincidence?  I know not!  What financial institution will pour zillions into Obama now that he has spoke against them?  This decision has put the final nail in the coffin of American democracy, as we will simply have more billionaires, like Bloomberg, and special interest groups buying elections.  And we will then never have a level-playing field again as the bought Congress will of course, not vote for reform!  But again, we are stuck with a majority of Republicans/conservatives in the Supreme Court, so there you go.   Speaking of which, it is time for the American People to stand up and make the Supreme Court an elected body!  It is totally ridiculous that we have an entity that can overrule the will of the American People who are in no way answerable to us!  These judges serve for life thus imposing life sentences on the entire American populace!  How is this a democracy?

And is anyone really surprised by the John Edwards baby daddy news?  I think everyone already knew that Quinn was his daughter!  What a silly, stupid, idiotic fall from political grace that was!  Rielle should’ve dragged him onto Maury!

Loads of weird news out of the Brangelina household! I seriously hope that all these tabloid reports of an impending split are not true.  With so many children’s lives at stake, I would love to see them defy the naysayers and become the next Newman/Woodward. US Magazine is running a conflicting story about Brad being unhappy that Angelina doesn’t like New Orleans, but then says she is going to spend a few weeks there with him. Looks like fishing to me.  In addition, some reports have them working out a legal separation.  I hope that this is not true as Jolie’s career is pretty much finished if she and Brad split.  It is not so hot to be a single woman with six kids!  Def kills her sex symbol status!  Doesn’t do much for Brad’s sex appeal either that he seems to only be able to get through five years with each woman.  Since it is a legal document outlining their assets, it would be really great if it turned out to be their pre-nuptial agreement which would be a slap in the face to all the tabloids that have been eagerly awaiting a split for most of the time they were together!  I would LOVE to see them pull that!  And everybody leave lil’ Shiloh’s dress sense alone!  While I prefer lil’ girls girly and it is a bit butch, that may just be her inclination as we all come with built-in personalities, traits, and tendencies.

And since this week’s theme is wackjobs, TGATP has simply got to mention that poor awful Heidi Montag!  Her family needs to lock her up in the psych ward for what she has done to her once pretty face!  She looks like Joan Rivers and is on her way to Jocelyn Wildenstein-type plastic surgery addiction!  And a shame on People for giving her the cover which just affirmed her madness!

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