Of Obama’s Dilemma, Rodney King, and Cannibal Zombies

Recently, New York Magazine ran a story about how Democrats are getting nervous that it might be a Romney win.  Then yesterday, Obama’s former Harvard Professor, Robert Unger stated that in the name of progressive politics, we “must defeat Obama”.  Here is the problem for Obama.  People already know what was done TO them by the FORMER administration.  But now three and a half years in, they can also can see what hasn’t been done FOR them under HIS!

The blame game is not gonna keep working.  When Obama first entered office, HIS party held the majority!  Sure, the campaign strategy is to go after the female, immigrant and gay vote now.  But this is a day late and a dollar short and is obvious pandering.  The time for a re-election strategy was on November 5th, 2008,  the day after his election win!  Because any smart political mind knew that, as the first African-American President, his whole presidency would be under a microscope in a way no other presidency had been before.

The banks got bailed out and are conducting business as usual, which was recently evidenced by the JP Morgan fiasco!  But too many American citizens – female, male, Black, White, Latino, straight and gay – are still “un” or “under” employed.  In addition, there is no longer a middle-class.  Americans are either rich or poor!  The “Hope” he pushed is just not enough since he hasn’t delivered on the “Change” he promised.  The entire populace is pretty pissed off and everyone is suffering, so people are not gonna be prone to buy a lot of inspirational rhetoric this go ’round.  I want to know what EXACTLY he is going to DO the second time ’round, that he didn’t do this time, especially to stimulate small business.  Not major corporations, SMALL business!

And it is damn near impossible to “Keep Hope Alive” when you see the President pandering and kowtowing to the same special interest groups, that got the country into the financial mess that it remains in four years later.  The simple question is going to be “Are you better off than you were four years ago?”  Unfortunately for Obama and the nation, only big business can say “yes.”  I, for one, just lost my home of 16 years.  And I have five friends, who also lost their NY apartments during this past four years.  Despite my disdain for Bush, we actually did better during his terms in office.  While I drank the Kool-Aid in 2008, I am not real prone to be buying a lot of flowery words and promises now!

In addition, as Unger states, Obama flip flopped and let his party down on far too many issues.  From FISA to the Patriot Act to Guantanamo to help for the 99ers, O has kowtowed to the right so much that he may as well BE a Republican.  Thus, my vote is not a guarantee.  Sometimes better the wolf you can see than the one disguised in sheep’s clothing!

This past weekend, Rodney King, the police brutality victim that became the poster man for all that is wrong with police procedure, was mysteriously found dead at the bottom of a pool.  It was a sad end to a troubled Life that included a stint on “Celebrity Rehab.”  Interestingly, many of the commenters on various boards, took the opportunity to dust off and re-don the white sheets they seem to keep stowed away for occasions, such as this.  Many were going on about the imaginary “ten minutes before the videotape” that supposedly showed King menacing the police.

The problem is that footage doesn’t exist!  Because if it did, it would have been the greatest defense for the police and definitely would have been brought forth by their attorneys.  The story is simple.  King was beaten senseless by a brutal pack of crazed cops, who despite videotape evidence, were inexplicably acquitted.  Riots ensued in which Black folks, equally inexplicably, burned down and destroyed their own neighborhoods.  With King face down on the ground, there was not then nor is there now, any justification for what these cops did.  May Rodney finally rest in peace after more than half a Life of turmoil.

And finally, I know I am late on talking about this.  But WTH with this crazy story out of Florida of a drug-crazed man eating another man’s face off?  If a drug is turning people into naked cannibalistic zombies, then I think it is best to abstain.  Seems like a mighty high (pun intended) price for a buzz!  This is a definite “Just Say No!!  And then there was the Maryland man, who ate his roommate.  I know times are tough but cannibalism?  Really?  I guess food stamps are hard to get in my home state.  These stories just gave me the creeps.  I’m honing my zombie killin’ skills on my favorite Sega game “House Of The Dead: Overkill” just in case I ever encounter one of these weirdos!.


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