Samsung Galaxy SIII Launches In NYC!

Walt chillin’ at Samsung Galaxy III launch


Today Samsung launched the Galaxy SIII with a splashy lunchtime event in the best city in the world – NYC!  According to Samsung PR Head Teri Daley, spending on the marketing of the Galaxy SIII is double the budget of previous campaigns.  And it was apparent from the lavish,  no expense spared soiree that Samsung is “in it to win it” against its greatest competitor,  Apple‘s iPhone. I have always personally preferred the Samsung phones because the screens are bigger than the i-Phone and the Galaxy SIII is no exception, with a 4.8 Super AMOLED HD screen.

The very lucky guests were treated to a preview of the best Android phone currently on the market!  It’s mean. lean  and loaded with features.  There were booths to take us through all the amazing extras, like the Burst Shot that allows you to capture 20 shots in seconds from the 8.0 mp camera and Best Shot that will then pick the best one.  We were also introduced to the Samsung kiosks, which will allow Galaxy SIII owners to download FREE music, videos, articles, and books from kiosks in malls and airports.  To help with the demo, NBA legend Walt Frazier was on hand as was current great current Phoenix Suns player and possible future NY Knick, Steve Nash.  Walt said he was thrilled that his gifted white phone matched his fly mack daddy suit.  Lunch was scrumptiously provided by Great Performances, who keep upping the standards in NY catering.  And best of all, the guests were all sent home with a goody bag housing the phone in their carrier of choice (the phone is being carried identically on all platforms!) to check out for themselves.  I am still playing with this awesome new Best in Android, which does everything but drive your car and clean your house.  So I will be doing a full review in the coming days.

Note to other companies:  This was a launch done right.  You’ve got to get the phone into the hands of the press, major influencers and trendsetters and get us actually USING it, not just come to town and SHOW it to us.

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