President Obama Is Back And Boy AM I Happy!


It has been almost two years since the country entered the Dark Ages that the current invaders in our White House ushered in. Not one day, one minute, one second has gone by when President Obama and his lovely family have not been missed by the majority of Americans, including me. Thus, I was so happy to hear him finally speak again. His speech was a combination rebuke of the current administration and a call to action for every American, who actually cares about this country.

In a speech at the University of Illinois, where he was accepting the Paul Douglas Awards for Ethics, President Obama provided the nation with a much needed appeal to return to sanity and stop normalizing the craziness, the corruption and the indecency of the current administration, which is better described as an invasion! Just to hear him speak again provided a calming respite from the daily lies, bullying, corruption and ugliness that is our current political reality.

Here is the full speech:


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