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How On Race In America, Trump May Be A Good Thing

A narcissistic, white supremacist, racist, sexist, bullying, social media addicted, semi-illiterate, philandering, animal hating, criminal sociopath – Donald J Trump is the most odious man on the planet and that may be a good thing. Because he represents the wrong side on every single possible issue, he is forcing Americans to actually face ourselves and explore the darkest recesses of the American experience. The rug has been pulled back on 500 years of of dirt. Thus, I am doing a series of posts on the things that Trump and his evil empire have brought to light. First up, race in America.

Because He Dreamt

Today’s celebration of the 51st anniversary of Martin Luther King’s iconic “I Had A Dream” speech at the March On Washington, had me pondering the whole issue. How far have we actually come? And will we ever get all the way there?