Six Brands I Am Excited To See At Indie Beauty Expo 2019


It’s Indie Beauty Expo time and I am so excited. This expo is chockfull of wonderful new beauty and skincare brands and products and provides me with enough content for the whole year! Here are some of the brands I am most excited to see this year.


Everything about this brand rocks! The colors are gorgeous, the packaging is perfect and the message and mission is empowering and positive. This is one of my favorite brands and my current go-to.


As a curly gal. my hair is always dry! So I am constantly on the lookout for products that can provide my curls with more moisture. Their Juice Drench looks like an awesome product.

Lashes In A Box

I am mad for lashes and still learning how to put them on right. These lashes are vegan and 100% handmade. Best of all, they come in a ten piece set.

Tan Organic

Everyone – except the orange monster in our White House – looks better with a tan. I combine a bit of sun with a bit of self tanning for the perfect caramel color. However, I have always been concerned about the chemicals. So I am very excited to check out this organic self-tanning line.

Brow Luxe

I am brow obsessed as a neat brow is essential to a beautifully  groomed face. With 8 shades from cool to neutral to warm, there is something for every gal.

I Woke Up Like This

This brand garnered my interest for the name, which is perfect for a skincare brand. With cleansers, toners, creams, moisturizers, oils, serums and treatments for every skin type, you can wake up like that!




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