5 Steps To Get A Little More Culture In Your Life

We all know someone who’s life experiences, who’s stories, who’s knowledge and who’s intellect makes us greatly admire them. You probably studied a few classics at school, have been on a couple of holidays abroad and can ask for the bill in Spanish. But how can you boost your confidence and get more culturally experienced without loads of free time and an endless amount of money? (By the way, if you’re looking for the latest information on investments, gold for sale and investment pieces, check out the link.) Did you know that you don’t need more time or a generous cash flow in order to inject a little culture into your life? 

Read on for some simple tips.

Enjoy The Classics

As mentioned above, you might have touched upon and studied some of the classics at school but never picked them up again after that. So, instead of grabbing the latest bestseller from an Influencer or celebrity, why not challenge your mind and treat yourself to something from the world of classic literature? You could re-read something you studied at school or try something completely new: To Kill A Mockingbird, Beloved, The Three Musketeers, Wuthering Heights, Oliver Twist, Robinson Crusoe, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice…the list is endless! Penquin does a lovely set of many of the best books ever written.

Try A Second Language

Listening to someone speak a second language effortlessly is wonderful to experience and it’s enough to make you pick up a phrase book and give it a go yourself. If you want to add a little more culture to your life then why not take it a step further? You could sign up to a class in your chosen language. For at home learning, download some language apps like TGATP fav, Babbel. I am learning Spanish there now. You can also create some language playlists to enjoy in the car and YouTube also has plenty of language training videos to try.

Travel More

Being well travelled is definitely a sign of a cultured individual. Although influencers and bloggers make travel look easy, it’s not as straightforward for those with a 9-5 and other commitments. Instead of trying to find ways to jet off around the world on the contents of your bank balance, try to travel to one new place every month. It could be for the weekend or even for the day. It can be at the other end of the country, or in the next county. Just get away as often as possible. My curent favorite getaway, which is just an hour and a half from NYC, is YO1 Wellness (pictured above) in the Catskills. Three stays in this relaxing wellness center have helped me shed 32 pounds!

Visit your local cultural offerings

We all want to visit and experience the big, famous history museums and galleries in capital cities around the world. But we often neglect what we have on our doorsteps! Head to your nearest gallery or museum and explore the history of your local area, discover local artists and get to know their work. Not only is it fascinating, but local history and knowledge is also a great conversation topic. My favorites in NYC, include the American Museum of Natural History, The Met, and MOMA. If you apply for a NY City ID, you get free membership to most of the museums in the City.

See a live performance

When was the last time you headed to the theatre? Experiencing a show first hand is an exciting and special treat. The collective intake of breath when the curtain goes up, the applause, the anticipation, the music, wwill give you goosebumps. Try a play by a local playwright, see a poetry slam in action or try something new like opera!   I just saw Hadestown and it is breathtakingly beautiful.







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