September 2012 Beauty Best (and Giveway!)

Sephora’s It Girl Lipstick

With so many wonderful products being introduced to us, we have decided to start a monthly Beauty Best series!  This month, I am CRAZY for the new Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation, Philosophy’s Turbo Booster C-Powder, St. Tropez Tanning Products, Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Soapy Suds, Algenist Serum, Intelligent Nutrients New Pure Luxe Shampoo and Conditioner, and Sephora’s It Girl Lipstick!

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation – After a particularly tough week, I went to Sephora 86th Street to do a lil’ retail therapy and to pick up my usual foundation and this product was right next to it, so I gave it a try.  When I checked it out in the mirror, it was love at first sight and I was an instant convert!  Naked Skin is exactly as the title describes it.  My face looked totally flawless but so natural that it seemed like, well, naked healthy skin.  I was so happy with it that as I continued to shop, I hipped every other shopper and Sephora sales gal (particularly the ones with the obviously wrong foundation caked on) about it!  I hope some of them bought it too.  With peptide infused, light diffusing, paraben free, oil free shades from the fairest to the darkest, Naked Skin is sheer perfection and a must for every serious makeup lover!  (TGATP Giveaway:  You can enter to win a Naked Skin Foundation in your shade with a blurring blush by following That Girl At The Party on Twitter: @tgatp and Liking us on Facebook at:

Algenist Concentrated Reconstructing Serum – I have been curious about this serum for the last couple years since Oprah Magazine touted it as the best serum on the market.  And it is, indeed, INCREDIBLE.  I have been using it for about a month and can see a definite difference in the tautness of my skin.  The patent-pending alguronic acid is the key.  Infused with a high concentrate of Alguronic Acid, which is derived from sea algae, Algenist minimizes the appearance of deep wrinkles while restoring elasticity.  In lab tests, this magic ingredient was shown to increase cell regeneration and the synthesis of elastin.  It also proved to reduce the cell damage created by exposure to UV rays.  Just writing about this wonder serum is making me wanna to run to my bathroom and slather it on!

Philosophy Turbo Boost C-Powder –  I  can see a real difference in the clarity and of my skin when I regularly use topical Vitamin C and have tried various formulas.  However, Vitamin C is very fragile and the potency is hard to maintain in liquid form.  So I was thrilled to discover this powder, which handily adds a potent 99.8% dose of C to your favorite serum.  While it states that it is best used in the morning, I use it with my Algenist both day and night.

Intelligent Nutrients Harmonic Pure Luxe  Shampoo and Conditioner plus the IN Organic Styling Pomade and the IN Paddle Brush  – Intelligent Nutrients is my favorite beauty company and I love everything about their philosophy and their products, so expect to find at least one of their products in every Beauty Best post!  100% organic, the new IN Pure Luxe products are designed especially for over processed and relaxed hair, like mine.  My hair is now at its best and is both more manageable and healthy.   Since I am sporting pony falls right now, I also depend on the IN Styling Pomade, which is hands down the best pomade I have ever used.  It takes just half a penny’s worth to slick back all of my hair.  And best of all, there is no sticky residue left on the hair.  Combine these products with the IN Paddle Brush for a truly relaxing hair experience.  I am literally counting the days till Intelligent Nutrients opens their first store in NYC in February!

St. Tropez Tanning Products – With a major apartment move and a load of work obligations, I didn’t make it to the beach at all this summer, so this year’s healthy glow was maintained by using St. Tropez products.  St. Tropez distinguishes itself from the other tanning products on the market in a number of ways.  First, the products are infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and deliver instant color that gradually turns into a natural looking tan.  Secondly, the spray has 360 degree spray technology, which makes it easier to get your own back, something every single gal needs!  And finally, their patented Aromaguard fragrance ensures there is no nasty tanning smell, which I really hate about some of the other products I have tried.   Since I advocate a year-round tan, I will be spraying and moussing with St. Tropez all fall and winter long!

Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Soapy Suds Body Wash and Bubbly Bath – This body wash and bubble bath fills your bathroom with a delicate blood orange scent while delivering a squeaky clean feeling.  Stock up on this product to get you through the impending gloomy winter.  Go to to get 2 for just $25.20.


Sephora “It Girl” Lipstick (see above) – And finally, I was on my way out of Sephora when I discovered a yummy perfect Orange lipstick called “It Girl” (perfectly apt!) from the Sephora in-house line!  Definitely pick this up on your next trip to the store.

Have a Beauty-filled month!



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