Fun Things To Do And Buy For Singles This Valentine’s Day!

Enter To Win this Chrome Girls Valentine's Trio!
Enter To Win this Chrome Girls Valentine’s Trio!


Valentine’s Day is always one of my favorite holidays since it signifies that we are almost over the hump from winter to spring. However, the holiday can also bring winter blues for people, who are single. So here is a list of fun things to do and must-have items to gift yourself with.

1. Chrome Girls Valentine’s Day Trio (see above)

I met the lovely founders of this great brand at the HSN Fashion Week Lounge this week! I LOVE this brand. It solves a great dilemma for all of us who love to stay polished but know the health hazards created by both most nail polishes and polish removers. Totally free of yet long wearing, this polish ROCKS.

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2. August Gold “Finding Love In All The Right Places” Series

August Gold is my favorite spiritual speaker and will change your Life! If you are single, there may be some issues you need to resolve that are blocking you in the relationship area of your Life. So work out those spiritual kinks with her “Finding Love In All The Right Places ” series, available at





3. Do a double feature of “That Awkward Moment” and “The Winter’s Tale”

I loved the new Zac Ephron vehicle “That Awkward Moment” which is like the “Singles” for the current generation. It is heartfelt and fun and a new star is born in the John Cusack-like Miles Teller, as “Daniel”.

“The Winter’s Tale”, while mega smaltzy and (oh that awful Colin haircut!), I still loved the positive message of everlasting Love that this film delivers. Magical and , you will leave this lovely fable both teary-eyed and uplifted.




4. Treat yourself to a truly great meal for one.

New York has dozens of great restaurants so you will have no shortage of choices. But pick something truly romantic with low lights and an actual ambience as opposed to as bustling noisy spot. I love the dining room at the Modern for lunch. Or for dinner, try the Water Club but make sure to sit near the window.




5. Pamper, pamper, pamper!

It’s easy when you are single to let things go. For Valentine’s Day, book everything – facial, massage, mani/pedi, hair appointment, brow waxing, bikini wax – get gorgeous for yourself. Just cause you are single doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself tip-top. Because at any minute, you might meet your magical One!

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