Polar Seltzer Is My Beverage Of Choice

I was very blessed at the last Food Fete to meet the wonderful people from Polar. Polar Seltzers are made with only the highest-quality natural flavor essences (yup, not all are created equal) that are generously painted onto a canvas of triple-filtered water that is locally sourced and then packed with zillions of  signature tiny bubbles. With no artificial sweeteners, sugars or calories, Polar Seltzers are my current favorites. 

The 2017 WINTER LIMITED EDITION collection coincides with their 135th anniversary – the same American family has been making Polar seltzer in Worcester, Massachusetts since 1882. Yet the game remains the same and the Polar brand is now considered a local cult-brand.  With only 3 ingredients in their recipes – WATER, BUBBLES and GREAT TASTEI drink Polar Seltzers every single day now.

Make these waters your go-to for both every day and your holiday occasions.

Blood Orange Sangria

Inspired by the festive vibes of winter sangrias, this seltzer carries the rich roundness of blood oranges with earthy notes of pomegranate.

Ginger Lime Mule

The warmth of fiery ginger is perfectly suited for the cold of winter.  And, with a twist of lime this zinger of a seltzer also plays very nicely with vodka and other spirits.

Cranberry Cider

Sometimes we just can’t give up on a good thing. The return of this fan-favorite is a yankee-doodle-dandy with its uber-local fruit pairing and seasonal flair.

Winter Citrus & Berry

Because winter is when citrus peaks in flavor, and because this recipe is yet to flat line in popularity, this seltzer is back!  Haven’t tried it?  You get another chance to enjoy this all-day-any-day sunny sparkler.

Blackberry Citron

The City of Lights is an ocean away but it doesn’t diminish our love of “kir” cocktails. Inspired by blackberry liqueurs and with a lemon twist, this seltzer makes for a very modern and bright. bubbly..and oh, trés chic, no?

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