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It’s holiday shopping time, so in Oprah fashion, TGATP will be doing a series of posts on my favorite things!  First up, is a product that no woman should be without in her anti-aging beauty arsenal – the NuFace by Carol Cole.  I was skeptical when I first heard about the NuFace.  How could any at-home product actually deliver salon/plastic surgery quality lifting and firming?  But after using it for the last couple months, I am a believer!  So much so, that I asked them to advertise on the site, which is an honor I only grant to the products I really love.

The NuFace is a mini facelift in an elegant portable beauty tool.  It sends small, painless microcurrent pulses to the muscles in key places under the skin.  This “re-educates” the muscles (sort of like if you did 1000 sit-ups a day on your tummy) which provides tightening, a reduction of wrinkles, and a visible lift.  The safe, gentle microcurrents also provide an improvement in tone and texture and best of all, the results are instant.  Outside clinical studies have reported that the NuFace provides a 67% reduction in lines, a 13% reduction in sagging, and a 31% reduction in roughness.  That’s quite an awesome set of stats for an at home product!  And the list of benefits are endless.  Regular use of your NuFace will aid lymphatic drainage (especially important for us allergy sufferers), improve your neck and facial tone, even out your skin tone, tighten enlarged pores, improve facial circulation, stimulate collagen production, increase product penetration, and more.

I first demoed the NuFace at the IBS at the Javitts this past summer.  We did one half of my face and it looked totally different from the other half.  Due to allergies, I get significant puffiness under the eyes that has worsened as I get older.  So thank God, for the NuFace which completely eradicates the puffiness and tightens that whole area.


The best part of the NuFace technique is that it is a quick and easy addition to your beauty routine.  While you can use it for up to ten minutes twice a day, it produces results in just five minutes per day.  I literally sit and NuFace while watching TV.  And how fortunate are women today to have all these wonderful preemptive anti-aging tools.  While the the NuFace is perfect for women in their forties who want to rejuvenate their gorgeous faces, lovely young women can use it to keep lines and sagging from ever happening at all!  Quite simply, no woman serious about beauty should be without this item.

Available in Pink, Teal, Grey or White at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Bliss Spas, The Spa at Trump Soho or online, a NuFace is the perfect gift for every really special women on your holiday list.  But I suggest you buy yourself one, as well, since you won’t want your friends to look ten years younger than you do!

Instructions for Using the NuFace:

Begin by cleansing your face.  I use the Clarisonic with my favorite cleanser which is the Benefit  foaming cleanser.

Apply the Optimizing Mist or Conductivity Gel before NuFace application.

Adjust the “power” for comfort and non-irritation. (I ramped my all the way up for maximum effect!)

Start the application of NuFace outside the center of the neck, gliding slowly toward the back of the neck. Follow the arrows as directed, taking steps up to under the jaw. Repeat 3 times.

Start the application outside the nasolabial folds, gliding NuFace slowly towards the ear. Follow arrows as directed up to the cheek bone. Repeat 3 times.

Start the application at the top of the brow, gliding up slowly towards the hairline. Continue across the forehead until the end of the brow. Repeat 3 times.

Areas to be Avoided

Position the conducting applicators outside the mouth and eye areas. (Note: These are circular muscles that must be avoided) Also avoid the midline (vertical center) of the neck. DO NOT use NuFace in these areas.

NuFace should not be used by pregnant women, those who are subject to seizures or those who have a cardiac pacemaker.

The user assumes all responsibility for the application of this treatment and the use of NuFace.

Use only a 9-volt battery.

One further word of advice:  I saw some people online talking about using the NuFace for up to an hour a day.  I spoke to the company reps and ten minutes twice a day is the recommended application.  Also, make sure to only use oil-free serums and potions under the conductivity gels.



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