My One and Only Premiere

The Amazing George Hamilton
The Amazing George Hamilton

Bubbly and effervescent, like that first ice-cold glass of champagne at a summer garden party; My One and Only is a wonderful must see of a period piece!  The incredible true story of a stage in actor George Hamilton’s teen life when his extremely eclectic mother left his father, a philandering bandleader, packed her sons in the car and traveled cross country in search of a new husband and a father for them!  Set in the early ‘50’s, the story is so hilarious and unusual that it is hard to believe it is true!  As the past her prime, Ann Devereaux, Renee Zellweger delivers the first Oscar worthy performance of the year!  Logan Lerman brings such a gentle poignancy to his portrayal of the teenage George that he makes you fall in love with Mr. Hamilton all over again! And as Robbie, George’s gay older brother, Mark Rendall is an absolute scene-stealer with riotous witticisms worthy of Dorothy ParkerKevin Bacon is his usual fantastic self as George’s father and Chris Noth turns in a very memorable performance as one of Ann’s suitors.  The script is so well written that it elicits both fits of laughter and feelings of real empathy for Ann and her family.  I could literally be heard screaming with laughter at various points.  This movie was so much fun that I am looking forward to seeing it again with my best friend Claudia, who I know will appreciate the wit and lyricism of this film.

Logan Lerman
Logan Lerman

I fell in Love with Ann Devereaux, as her adventures reminded me of the stories I have been told of my Grandma’s sister and my Great Aunt, Lucille.  Since there was no Q&A, I had a dozen questions about her for George!  But I only asked him a couple at the afterparty.  I first wanted to know where she was from.  Because only a Southern belle could be as mercurial as she was.  Sure enough, Ann was from Kentucky!  I also queried was she still alive.  But unfortunately, she passed 12 years ago.  However, she lived till the ripe old age of 93!  George is the most wonderful and delightful spirit.  I worked with him on Woody Allen’sHollywood Ending” back in 2001 and he was always kind and fun to the entire crew.  Seeing this film makes you understand where he got that levelheaded graciousness.  I truly do love him!

In an environment of movies that are all either bombast and bluster or puerile frat boy humor, I always welcome a film like My One and Only that has smarts!  I highly, highly recommend this instant classic!

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