Marimekko x Uniqlo S/S 2021 Collaboration Is The Best Yet

The Marimekko designers knocked it out of the fashion park this season with the best line they have ever done with Uniqlo! There’s literally a piece for every gal from birth to ascension in the Marimekko x Uniqlo 2021 collection. Here are the five I scored plus one from the Theory x Uniglo line thrown in!

This jumpsuit is so comfy and fashionable and can be dressed up or down. The coolest thing is that the legs are enormous harkening back to palazzo pants from the 70’s! When I say wide bottomed, I mean WIDE bottomed. The measure a full 18 inches across the bottom! I was getting stopped in the street about this high fashion, low priced item on day ONE! If you can only afford one piece from the line – it is this or the blue and white demin dress described next.

The light denim dress is gorgeous in the navy and white and is my favorite piece  in the entire line. I prefer the darker color, which is much more fashionable as the lighter color screams “house dress.”! You need to size way, way, way down. I am usually a medium and I could fit the extra small. But I went with the small for a bit more room in the breasts area where Uniqlo tends to cut small for average breasted women.

I have been collecting the Marimekko x Uniqlo A-line sheath dresses since the first collaboration in 2018, so I have six now. My one consistent beef is that, unless you are an A cup, you have to size up to accommodate your breasts. I would have hoped after three years of this collaboration and multiple customer reviews and complaints about this issue, they would have fixed this.

Though I prefer the darker one, this skirt is a must-have in either color! For some reason, it was in a corner that customers kept missing, so I was steering every woman in the Soho store towards this classic, little elegant skirt. It is so cute and timeless, I know I will be able to wear this for years. One miss for the line this year, is they should have done more skirts. I would have done tthese skirts in the dark green stripes and the pink flowers on beige prints.

I wasn’t crazy about this dress and I thought I would be. I wish we had more options, like the A-line dress, in this print. Though I love the print, it looks like a hospital gown when you put it on. And though I love my frontline workers, I do not want to be reminded of hospital or doctor visits, especially post-Covid!

I wanted to also include one additional Uniqlo piece in this post. Overall, I wasn’t that thrilled with the Theory x Uniqlo S/S 2021 collection. I think the two brands are too similar. So these designs seem like Uniqlo staples sold at a higher price. BUT this dress – in black and ONLY IN BLACK –  is a must-have in the wardrobe of every woman of every age. Pair with sneakers for a get about town look. Add pearls and leave the collar open then pop on some big Jackie O glasses for a mega-preppy, brunch look. Or pair it with black denier leggings and Doc Martens for a urban punk look in Spring and Fall. For work, just sport a proper shoe. (No, sneakers are not a proper shoe) For after work, open a couple of buttons and make sure some sexy lingerie peeks inviting out!  l There are so many ways to wear this in black. Plus it is so lightweight, it is perfect for travel. I don’t like this dress in the other colors as the fabric is too satiny to work and makes the dress look cheap. BUT this BLACK one? LOVE!


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