Best of New York Fall 2011: Karan, Kors, Lepore, and Siriano!


Micheal Kors celebrated 30 years in the business by presenting a show that was sheer perfection and design clarity!   Clear, clean simple lines were presented in beautifully fluid fabrics.  Gold, rust, bronzes, taupes and khakis were punctuated with splashes of rich red.  The silks glistened and the ease of movement in each garment gave a new meaning to casual chic.  The comfort and feel good factor were prevalent in the array of pants, jumpsuits, and other easy flowing pieces.  Every single piece was wearable and interchangeable providing endless permutations for an enduring, workable wardrobe.


Michael Kors Fall 2011 on You Tube

The Queen of Park Avenue Fashion remains firmly ensconced on her throne; Donna Karan sent a sublime collection onto the Fall 2011 runway.  The parade of clever cuts and draping effects executed in luxuriant fabrics were swathed in evocative 1940’s Movie Star glamor.  Broad shoulders make for slender waistlines, the feminine form is accentuated and firmly understood by this creator in her rendering of deluxe clothing for the sophisticated woman of today.  Slim skirted silhouettes for day, with jackets in muted powder tones (although again, lose the fur accents Donna!).   Nights are lit with sparkling jewel fabrics and delicate chiffon dresses, sultry enough for discrete seduction.


It was yes, yes Nanette as she displayed a gorgeous and sumptuous array of clothes that were the epitome of comfort and elegance with a twist.  Beiges paired with jeweled tones and prints were a welcome addition to a Fall season consumed with muted colors!  A sexy Black cut-out dress was a  TGATP favorite!  Pieces from Lepore’s line are top of my must-have list for Fall 2011!


Nanette Lepore Fall 2011

Christian Siriano has proven that he is always as good as his last collection and this season was no disappointment!  As usual, the tailoring is excellent and a myriad of looks and shapes are accentuated with a plethora of textiles and details.  Sequins and satins, ruffles and frills, clouds of tulle and chiffon are all abound and highly visible on the voluminous and sharply tailored pieces.  The color palette is distinctive and perfectly matched, the designers own stated inspiration for the show – ” a bit of African, a bit of Asian, a bit of Mediterranean/Greek ”!


Christian Siriano Fall 2011

I want to throw out my whole closet and replace it with these elegant lines for next Fall, although Kors and Karan could lose the use of real fur!  It is so non-PC and there are tons of great fauxs!

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