Jen Mascali, Daughter of Fallen Firefghter, Creates 911 Remember Tote

TGATP can hardly believe that it has been ten years since NYC and the nation was changed forever by the deaths of more than 2,000 people due to a sudden attack.  As I watch the reading of the names, it saddens me to see the visible pain etched permanently on the faces of the victims’ families.  911 is always a time of gratitude for me, as I narrowly dodged being a possible victim.  About a year before the towers fell, I was offered a job as an Assistant Event Coordinator at the Windows On the World .  It was only because of the long hours, which would have taken me away from my charity work against the death penalty, that I declined the offer.  Had I accepted it, I would definitely have been at work that day since some of the victims were attending an event at the venue on that fateful day.  I will always remember the kind kitchen worker, who offered me cookies to sample when I interviewed and the woman who I would’ve been working for.  I hope that neither of them were there on the day.  But I will probably never know.

On Thursday night, I was invited to the Nexus Showroom to meet the wonderful handbag designer Jen Mascali, who lost her firefighter father Joseph Mascali, in the attacks.  In honor of all the lives lost, Jen has designed a special limited edition red tote that is a TGATP must-have.  Jen states, “As we fall upon the 10-year mark, it is my hope that this bag will become a vibrant symbol of strength and Love.  There is a place in our heart where Love lives and nothing beautiful will ever be forgotten.” 


Real Housewives of NY's Kelly is just one of the many fans of this lovely commemorative piece.

Made in Italy of the finest red patent leather with tan handles, the totes are beautifully inscribed with “each Life is a miracle that changes the world and leaves it a better place than it was before…”  All  proceeds from the sales of the Mascali “Remember” tote will be donated to the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City and other 911 charities.  To purchase your tote go to:

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