TGATP On Deepak Chopra’s 10 Secrets To The Fountain of Youth

Fall is always a time for reflection in my house.  The lovely cooler weather has me ready to purge myself of all that is no longer an asset in my Life.  Thus, I was happy to find these tips from Deepak Chopra on how to do some anti-aging treatments on the Soul that I am going to make a regular part of my beauty regime.

1. Get to know your Spirit as a real force through meditation and silence.I recently read a report on the importance of breathing deeply because cancer cells need a lack of oxygen to spread.  This made me think of my own breathing, which is often shallow since the pace of my current Life is so fast.  Thus, I plan to get back to my practice of at least 7 minutes of quiet meditative time a day.  I suggest you do the same and also remind yourself to take deep breaths throughout the day.

2. Get rid of all the toxins in your life (environment, food, drink, emotions, people). – Ah, the toxins in Life!  While most of us know to eat organic and are more conscious of the toxins we bring into our environment, negative toxic people can latch on and be very hard to shake.  I eat well, quit smoking, and gave up drinking 17 months ago, but I am still purging all the negative people out of my space.  This is a harder thing to do because, just like anything else that is bad for us, we often become addicted to the drama these people bring.  But according to my dear August Gold, there can be no ultimate growth unless you rid yourself of anyone and anything that makes you unhappy.  Because toxic people keep you from being your authentic Self.  There are many ways that this happens.  In your family, you may have relatives who formed an opinion of you in childhood or harbored sibling jealousies, that they refuse to shake, now that you are an adult.  Or perhaps you have friends that were great for you at one stage but now don’t fit in your new Life.  In both of these cases, while you have grown, they refuse to accept the new you and try to keep you locked in a box.  Or you may, like me, find that the people you had in your Life while you were under the influence of a toxin, such as alcohol, no longer fit once you are rid of it.  Bad relationships can lead to alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, permanent singledom, and failure in your career.   You positively must rid yourself of these people or risk never fulfilling your Life’s Destiny. (This is so important that I will be doing a separate Life Lessons post on toxic people within the next few weeks.)

3. Shed the need for approval. – This tenet is also vitally important.  Don Miquel Ruiz, author of “The Four Agreements” states that “you should not believe anything that people say about you, positive or negative”.  Because if you get hooked on praise you will also internalize criticism.  He further explains that each of us are the Directors of our own Life movie and often we are miscast in each other’s films!   Negative or positive, other people’s opinions are always their perceptions based on the Life script that they have decided to play out.  Thus, seeking approval only puts you at risk of allowing people to force you into a role you are not actually playing.  Imagine Jeff Bridges playing the Bow Wow character in “The Lottery Ticket”!  Often people cast you in roles in your Life that are just as ludicrous.  You know who you are in your gut.  Let yourself be that person.

4. Use the mirror of relationships for your own evolution. When I first hung out on the NY Society scene, I met all kinds of people, who were claiming to be media professionals just to get into parties.  I later learned that these were professional partycrashers, who were not who they said they were.  However, since they were at every event and many were quite charming, I still associated with them.  Then right when I started TGATP, a friend said to me that if you want to see where you will be in five years, look at the people who are around you now.  This struck me very seriously.  I asked myself were these the type of people that any of my media heroes know or associate with?   I knew that if I was going to run a business, I could no longer have people around me, who were not serious and just showing up for a cocktail and a goody bag.  While this decision naturally created some enemies (an angry crasher even falsely tried to label me one of his kind online!), the mirror image of these relationships was not congruent with who I was as a businesswoman.  Thus, it had to be polished!

5. Change your inner dialogue from what’s in it for me to how can I help.– Gratitude and giving back are the best ways to celebrate the blessing that is Life.

6. Be sensitive to the needs of your body, including its sensuality. – This is another really important thing that so many busy women forget.  Since I often work nonstop for 15 to 17 hours, I often forget to eat and drink enough water.  And as for sensuality, since I am always at female-oriented beauty and fashion events, I rarely meet any straight guys.  So gotta work on this one, Deepak!

7. Stay in the moment.– A very important piece of advice for every day!  I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle‘s, “The New Earth” to assist you with this one.

8. Don’t constantly judge. – This is so very important.  Judging other people casts you in the role of the devil since God is not a judgmental one.  In every religion, we are told not to judge but it is something that most people, including myself, struggle with.  Just remember your judgment is an illusion based on your own script and generally has very little to do with the other person.  I have seen my own family literally destroyed by the false judgments of one of its members on all the others.  There were screaming accusations on holiday phone calls and the refusal to even be in the same place all based on judgments.  And now with my Mother gone these are holidays that we will never be able to redo.  So please follow this one.

9. Replace fear motivated behavior with Love motivated behavior. – Fear, not money, is the root of all evil and will lead you to make all manner of bad decisions.  Every conflict and misunderstanding is rooted in fear and the only way to diffuse it is Love.  And the plus is that when you are in a Love based energy, people, who are feared based, will fall away from you since negativity and positivity cannot exist on the same plane.  You may even find that every single person that you once knew is no longer around you.  At first, this may feel lonely and unusual.  But fear not, this is just a clearing away of the negative to make room for the positive in your Life.

10. Whenever confronted with a problem and or conflict, look for inner solutions, not outer solutions.  – One of my favorite quotes from August Gold during her class this summer was, “Don’t ask why something has happened TO you, ask why it has happened FOR you.”  This summer has been the best of times, the worst of times for me.  But thankfully, by applying August’s sage words, I keep learning and growing through the many adversaries and issues that came up.  Understand that until you pass to another realm, you are a work in progress.  You will never stop growing so stay open to the possibilities for growth.
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