Super Bowl 2016 Ad Round-Up


The Super Bowl has become about three things – the game, the snacks, and the ads. Here is my rundown and random thoughts on this year’s spate of ads.

PayPal Old Money/New Money – For all of us tech start-up entrepreneurs, this was an inspiring tribute. Nicely covered all genders and races with the new money.

Pepsi Joy of Pepsi – Janalle Monae has been bringing it for years now! A better halftime show would’ve been Janalle, Bruno and Beyonce!

Doritos Dogs – I love anything that uses animals in a fun way

Audi Starman – Appealing to boomers, a moving ad evoking the space race and utilizing the recently departed Bowie’s “Starman”.

Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage Loans – Great and convincing ad for why this product is a must

Advil What Pain? – Image of old lady doing yoga will stick with us forever.

No More Text Talk – Important PSA presented cleverly

Colgate Faucet – Another great message well presented

Expedia Get A Room – Romantic play on words for Valentine’s Day

Mini Cooper Defy Labels – Serena gives great and needed advice. As a Black woman, that has recently been vilified online, I too, know about people placing false labels.

T-Mobile Restricted Bling – Everyone love Drake and Hotline Bling was the song of the summer so no one will forget this one.

Honda Ridgeline Somebody To Love – Singing sheep singing Queen!

DollarsShaveClub Dirtbag Razor – Funny dirty guy voice on razor put the brand on the map

Disney The Jungle Book – Nice place to announce the new trailer and I can’t wait to see this!

Jason Bourne – Living to see this now!

Audi NSX – Van Halen with David Lee Roth wailing made this another memorable ad geared at boomers

Shock Top Beer – Obnoxious one liner quipping beer tap was funny and memorable

Skittles Rock The Rainbow – Two words: Steven Tyler!

Bud Light Party – Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen parody seems real with the current election circus. And everyone DOES Love Paul Rudd!

T-Mobile Steve Harvey – Steve making fun of his Miss Universe mistake

NFL SuperBowl Babies with Seal – Just adorable and made me check if it is true. (It is!)

Butterfinger – Random silliness.

Intuit Death Wish Coffee – Very clever to focus the ad on their consumer base – small businesses – through a contest. One problem is I can’t remember the name of the business they choose, so it was more effective for Intuit than that business.

Thumbs Down

Doritos Ultrasound – Just tried too hard to be funny and struck a weird note

Mountain Dew Kickstart – Funky Monkey Baby was just random, gross and odd. Can’t imagine the pitch meeting.

Marmot – Goofy and silly besties theme was cute. But I have no idea what this product is.

OIC – Basically geared at painkiller addicts with constipation. Too small a niche and a weird topic for Super Bowl

Toyota Prius 4 – Comedic crime car chase was funny once but ran too many times.

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