Icons and Idols VMA Party at St. Barts Church


The VMA after party at the St. Bart’s church was a very fun time with partying going on both outside and within!  Stars in attendance included Sean Kingston, who performed a blistering set.  Gerald Butler, was also in the house and was picking out hot girls from the crowd like items on a supermarket shelf and having them brought to him in the VIP area.  Lauren Conrad, of Laguna Beach/and The Hills infamy was also hanging with her girl, Whitney Port.   I have always thought that Lauren was kinda cool and took her side in all the various personal wars she has waged throughout the course of her “reality” show.  But I, unfortunately, discovered that, in person, she is not at all attractive inside or out.  In fact, I didn’t recognize her at first as she was mad ordinary.  Why is it always the most faux of fauxelbrity or has been celebs that are the most self important and idiotic?  When I take a pic, as a courtesy, I always try to give the subject a card so they  know where there image will be appearing.  Thus I gave one to Lauren.  Later on a spy related that she had crumbled it up in one hand and tossed it!  I mean really!   It’s hilarious to me because I could truly give a flyin’!   I would be very disappointed if Brad and Angelina were not cool people mainly because I admire their charitable endeavors.  But I really don’t care if a manufactured celebrity  turns out to be a buffoon.  They are just not leaving enough of a real legacy to matter past their 15 minutes!  It’s not like anyone will be uttering the name “Lauren Conrad” when speaking of legendary talents or great achievements twenty years from now!

The Bubbly Ross (rt.)

Met the wonderfully bubbly Ross the Intern, who is exactly like he came across on Leno! Just a wonderful energy and someone, unlike Lauren, who’s continued success you can genuinely root for!  Sean Kingston was also a complete sweetie who posed for one pic and then even inquired as to whether I would like another.  Steve Sands, the most well-known celebrirazzi in the biz, was in a sour mood and complaining about bloggers horning in on his turf.  I was happy as ever to have a brief chat with uber talented DJ/Producer Mark Ronson who was our DJ for the evening.  Entertainment for the evening was provided by this koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs, middle-aged Black lady!  I was taking a picture of and chatting with two wonderful gals, one of whom was an organizer, when out of the blue this  looney tunes came over and started kvetching about how she was supposed to be a VIP and all her people were backstage, yadda yadda.  Now, at first, I was half believing her story.  You could possibly get separated from your famous friends who have a pass for you at an event this large.  However, halfway through her spiel she suddenly blurted out that she was EVE!  Although she was sporting Eve’s old ‘do of very short blonde hair, this woman was 50 if a day!  So I started looking for the famous Eve paw prints tattoos thinking maybe she had just been up partying too much and looked haggard.  But the imposter had no tatts.  AT ALL!  I mean really!  How stupid or crazy do you have to be to think that you could actually be at a party packed with music industry people and pass yourself off as a celeb that you are not?  Maybe she could’ve pulled it off in a foreign country.  But this is NEW YORK for gosh sakes!  We laughed our arses off when she left!

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Oh, and while we are on the subject of the VMAs, WTF was Kanye thinking?!   But I mean really!  What a horrible thing to do.  I met Kanye recently and he was such a sweetie.  But it’s like he has no filter between his brain and his mouth.  I agree Beyonce WAS robbed!  But that’s something you THINK not ACT on.  I mean, how many times have we all thought that the wrong person won an award.  I can think of at least three times per awards ceremony that I disagree with an award.  It did, however provide the most memorable moment in awards show history since the streaker at the 1974 Academy Awards!  There is a rumor that the whole thing was a publicity stunt to boost ratings for Jay Leno’s first night at 10pm since Kanye was already scheduled to appear.  It is rather ironic and Leno’s ratings were off the chart due to Kanye’s appearance.  Just something to make you go “hmmmm”.

DJ Mark Ronson
DJ Mark Ronson
That Girl At the Party

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