HSN celebrates Eat, Pray, Love with scarves from Romio Shrestha

World renowned artist Romio Shrestha is launching a collection of limited edition silk scarves exclusively for HSN on August 7th.  This event is part of a three-day HSN marathon leading to the release of the film Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts.

The release of this limited collection presents a rare opportunity to acquire his exquisite, widely acclaimed work at an affordable price. The scarves can be worn, framed, gifted, or collected. They are decorated by Buddhist icons and each scarf print is imbued with meaning based on ancient principles.

At a young age, Romio was told by Buddhist monks that he was the 17th reincarnation of Tibetan painter Aniko, and in accordance with the prophecy, his art is housed in many of the world’s finest museums, including the American Natural History Museum and the British Museum.  Celebrity fans include:  Uma Thurman, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Charlize Theron, Diane Von Furstenberg, Kyle McLachlan, Steven Segal, Donna Karan (and TGATP!).

Check out Romio’s scarves on HSN this Saturday from 2am-3am and 6am-7am.  If like TGATP, that is a bit early for you on a Saturday morning, you can also purchase them online at:  http://www.hsn.com/.  The scarves are featured in the Eat Pray Love India section.

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