Make Great Holiday Cocktails with Elixir Floral Infusions!

Over a year and a half ago, I went teetotal in a world of non-stop cocktail parties.  Thus, I am always on the lookout for yummy ways to imbibe alcohol free.  Elixir Floral Infusions, an all-natural, organic flavor enhancer handcrafted in small batches, are a creative and tasty way to cater to both the drinkers and n0n-drinkers at your holiday parties.   Using only the finest ingredients of real floral extracts and pure cane sugar, the elixirs come in 4 unique floral mixes:  Hibiscus, Rose, Fire Orchid, and Lavender.

For non-drinkers, replace the alcohol in the recipes below with the following:    Substitute Blackberry juice for Stoli Blackberri, Sparkling Cider for Champagne or Prosecco, and 1/2 Orange Juice plus 1/2 Orange Extract for Grand Marnier.


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