Island Dog Design Beds Are the Perfect Holiday Pet Idea

If you are anything like TGATP, your furry companions are just additional members of the family.  Dinah Washington Cat has never seemed to realize that she is a “Cat”.  She is instead simply treated as a beloved and honored Spiritual presence sharing my space.

To honor your pet his holiday season, spoil your favorite canine or feline with a lush new bed from Island Dog Design.   I am mad, mad, mad for these beds!  Completely eco-friendly, they are designed for the discerning owner who cares about the health and well-being of her pet yet has an uncompromising  sense of style.  Elegant and lush, Island Dog Design uses natural and plant-based materials throughout their design and manufacturing process to minimize the impact on you and your pet’s health, home and overall environment.

Mio and Yoshi Love To Share Their Island Dog Design Bed

The covers are made of earth-toned pre-shrunk 100% cotton, making them a perfect choice for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities.  The dog bed insert is made of natural latex foam, which is eco-friendly, chemical and pesticide free.  Naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, it repels dust, mites, mold and mildew.  Since the latex is made from natural tree sap, the insert is also biodegradable.  When exposed to the elements, the cushion will biodegrade in as fast as a couple of weeks, and turn completely to dust!  How awesome would it be if we could say the same thing about all of our bedding!  I think the Island Dog Design people should think about going into the people bedding industry!

Two other great things about Island Dog Design Beds:  They are conveniently machine washable.  And, best of all, they are 100% Made in the good ole’ US of A!  I wholeheartedly endorse this company!

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