Tips to Travel Chic With La Redoute

While it is important to be comfy while traveling, people are now boarding planes, trains, and automobiles in all form of downright slovenly clothes from PJs to sweats.  But there is really no reason to throw fashion out the window just because you are going on a trip.  I have met all manner of hotties in transit, so I believe in looking your best.  Believe me, it is possible to be casual and comfy yet still fashion forward.

To revive my traveling wardrobe, I recently shopped on the La Redoute site, a shopping portal with 70 different brands to pick from for some adorable travel pieces to suggest to you.  From dresses to leggings to sweaters to outerwear, La Redoute will have you kitted out as the chicest traveler on every trip.  I am particularly mad for the Short-Sleeved Long Dress in Cotton Jersey paired with a long cardigan for b0ho travel style.  The Sparkly Bouche Dress is another TGATP favorite, that will make for a sharp entrance, if you are off to meet your beau’s family for the hols.  Check out the gallery below for my La Redoute favorites!

Here are some tips for staying fashion forward this holiday season:

  • Loose knits and leggings make a wonderful alternative to pjs and sweats.  Pair knit dresses with a legging or jegging for a comfy yet chic alternative.
  • Yoga pants in black are a great option as long as they are full-length, new, and devoid of any weird expressions across your bottom.
  • Layer your clothing appropriately.  If going from cold to warmer climes make sure to have a top that is short-sleeved or even sleeveless as your first layer.  Conversely, if you are headed from warm to cold, you will want to have thin layers to pile on.  And pack footwear to change into on the last leg of your trip.  On my recent trip to Mexico, I happily donned my sleeveless dress and freed my feet an hour before we landed.
  • Also, pack the lightest roll up Parka you can when going from cold to warm and back.  I used to lug around my heavy coat, but honestly, you don’t need it.  You are either in a cab, in your car, or if in NYC, right on the subway so you will not be outside for long enough to notice the cold.
  • Pack a cap or hat in your carry on in case your hair gets out of place.  Also, stow a rain scarf in the event it is raining in your destination.
  • I always carry the biggest bag I have!  A big tote-style handbag gives you two carry-ons instead of one.  Make sure to pack a hydrating facial spray and hard candy to pop your ears when landing.  I also always pack the Essence of Vali Calm Spray and Sprayology’s Stress Relief to further relax me while traveling.



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