Friday night tis alright @ Sewn Together & Thrillist

DJ Cassidy

A mixed bag of events for Friday night.  With DJ Cassidy announced as the dj, I knew I could not pass up the Sewn Together pop up shopping event (Bzoo Gallery, 166 Elizabeth St.).   When I arrived I thought it was going to be a hit and run, as the space was exceedingly small and as hot as a sauna!  It’s definitely not party fabulous to be in a space where you will sweat your face off in the first hour of the night!  And to make matters party worse, the champagne was not chilled even though it was a half hour into the event!  But the people were real nice and all was made right when DJ Cassidy started spinning and they served me champagne with ice.  Not sure how effective it was as a “shopping event” as the partygoers took to the streets ‘cause no one could take the heat.

Sewn Brothers


Sewn Gals 2

Sewn Gals

17 Gal

Followed this event with a stop into the Thrillist Loft party sponsored by Absolut Vodka.  Although these had been going on all week, I was only able to make the last night.  Despite a rude catering staff that seemed more interested in eating the food than serving it, the party was a smashing way to end the week!  Ben from Thrillist was the perfect party host as he displayed human boombox and amazing dance skills on top of being a great guy!  And hula hooping seems to be the theme of the week as there was an amazing hula dancer just working it for the crowd.  I want to run out and get one this weekend as hula hooping has never looked so cool!


Ben of Thrillist

Clowning @ Thrillist


That Girl At the Party

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